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6 Reasons To Switch To LIVA

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Changing seasons call for transforming fashion trends.

But if you ask us, we’d say one trend that’s here to stay is that of light, luxurious, and organic fabrics.

They have every bit the appeal to not just make you look like a million bucks (remember their smooth texture?) but just be the fabric you’d want to slip into any time of the year. (We’re speaking less moisture and all-day comfort)

LIVA fabric champions this shift to natural dressing, albeit with oodles of style and uncompromised comfort. Find out how.

1. Environmentally Conscious


Yes. Bit by bit, we’re beginning to understand how important it is to give back to the Earth. LIVA’s design philosophies centre exactly on this thought. It is crafted from wood pulp, which means the fabric does not pollute the environment at the end of its life cycle. It is biodegradable and a renewable resource. Pat yourself, because you will have taken the first step to making the planet greener when you’ve chosen LIVA!

2. Comfort Beyond Compare


Thanks to its natural origins and cellulose structure, LIVA is nothing like the synthetic fabrics you’ve tolerated before. The texture ensures optimal breathability. And it’s a certain good bye to those hot humid days because this moisture absorbent fabric will have your back. Interestingly, the rate of absorption is higher than that of cotton.

3. Fresher With Every Wash


The dreaded thought of losing your favourite garments to the horror of shrinkage is something that always comes to mind every time you trust your washing machine to do the cleaning. But what if we said the possibility of shrinkage could come down to a level you never imagined?  Trust LIVA on this. The fabric is engineered to display consistent dimensional stability even after repeated washes. Its physical properties include high tenacity and wet modulus.

4. A Luxurious Texture


You won’t need to choose style over comfort anymore, because LIVA offers you both.  Slip it on and watch as the fabric softly falls over the natural contour of your body, lending the ultimate LIVA diva look. You’ll discover that it perfectly embodies the fluid fashion label.

5. Vibrancy That Never Fades


LIVA fabric is everything you need to keep your wardrobe brimming with a spectrum of hues. Bleeding colours become a thing of the past as the fabric keeps the rich tones intact. And amazingly, the colours on the fabric spread out uniformly giving your clothes a distinctly bright and fresh appeal.

6. Woven With Finesse


And finally, everything boils down to LIVA’s skilful construction. The unparalleled comfort, moisture absorbency, and the voluminous texture of the fabric are the result of the fine thread count and expert-approved blends unique to LIVA fabrics.

Next time you slip into a comfy LIVA dress, it’ll be just as much about the comfort as it is about the style. And think about it, your fashionable choices would make a greener difference. Make a conscious choice today and indulge yourself with the latest in LIVA fashion.

Image courtesy – zafcdn.com, pinimg.com, tradesy.com, fpassets.com, stephaniesterjovski.com

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