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6 Fabrics That Feel As Beautiful As They Look

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While buying clothes, we often ask the questions, “is this fabric comfortable? Will it look good? Is it soft and easy to wear?”

It is relatively easy to decide on prints, cuts, and styles, but fabric is something we can never compromise on. There are two types of fabrics – natural and synthetic.


If you’re on the hunt for fashion clothes that feel as brilliant as they look, here’s a handy list:

1. Silk


You know what silk is. You’ve have felt it, worn it, and gotten admiration for it. But what most people don’t know is that silk is also one of the strongest natural fabric in the world. Known for its softness, luster, beauty, and luxurious look, it is a lightweight, delicate fabric that drapes well and has a slightly shimmery appearance on fashion clothes. The most beautiful of all textile fibers, it is often acclaimed as the queen of fabrics.

2. Cotton


Ahh, cotton! A must-have favorite in most closets! It is widely considered to be the most soothing and comfortable. Its immense use in clothing and bedding accessories is enough testimony of its softness and skin-friendliness. It can be worn during all seasons because it can help keep you both cool and warm, making it a universal favorite.

3. Spandex


Because of its great shape retention quality, spandex is widely used in fashion clothes. It’s pretty stretchy, making it a good option for different clothing styles. It’s used in making undergarments and support hose. To add to its awesomeness, it is also resistant to perspiration and body oils.

4. Wool


Soft, strong, and very durable, wool fabric provides warmth with an attractive appearance. Wicking away perspiration from the body, it does not wrinkle easily and is resistant to dirt and wear and tear.

The brilliant fabric is also lightweight and durable. Largely used in blankets and carpets, today almost every wardrobe contains garments made of wool.

5. Satin


Whenever we hear satin, we instantly relate it with elegance. The reason that fabric is so loved is its astonishing looks and smooth surface. The blend of silk and rayon makes it smooth and gives it the lustrous shine we see. Fashion styles that are made using satin are manufactured with a great deal of care and attention.



A new-age fabric created naturally, LIVA is comfortable, soft, 100% natural and eco-friendly. Whether pure or blended, it transforms not just garments (like this top from Lifestyle), but also you. You can defy all norms of usual fabrics and go through your day without feeling weighed down.

Make comfort your priority just like style is. Just remember, whenever you slip into any LIVA dresses (try this one on for size) you are making a greener difference. Choose style, fashion, and comfort all together with the latest in LIVA fashion.

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