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5 Iconic Photos That Set Fashion Trends

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Through the course of the fashion history, there have been many significant moments: points in time that have defined new trends in fashion, propelled individuals to instant fame and, in recent times, given fashion blogs plenty to talk about. The introduction of photography into the mix allowed us to preserve these memorable instances. Here is a look at some of the most famous photos that made fashion news headlines.

Marilyn Monroe For The Seven Year Itch


In 1954, there was a moment in fashion news so iconic, it has been memorialized with a 26 foot statue in New Jersey. A scene from the movie The Seven Year Itch featured Marilyn Monroe standing over a subway vent in New York. The fluid fashion in which her dress flew up actually took 14 takes to perfect. The cut that eventually made it to the film was a reshot version from a studio in California. The original images were still used for promotional events, and have now acquired an iconic status.

Audrey Hepburn For Breakfast At Tiffany’s


Decked in the unforgettable gown designed by Hubert de Givenchy, Audrey Hepburn made fashion history in 1961. Breakfast at Tiffany’s, the story of a lovable call girl, offered viewers a plethora of new fashion styles. It continues to feature on the ‘must-watch movies’ list of fashion lovers to this day. The iconic black dress, seen in the opening shot immediately became one of the hottest fashion trends of the time. Bud Fraker, Hollywood photographer, captured this famous shot of the ensemble, accessorized with pearls and elbow length gloves.

Brooke Shields For Calvin Klein


At the not-quite-tender age of 15, Brooke Shields featured in the infamous 1980 ad campaign for Calvin Klein. The lines ‘What comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing’, led to a number of major networks banning the ads for being ‘too racy’. The denims became one of the new trends in fashion with their signature detailing that gave them ‘designer fashion label’ status. This iconic shot, by Richard Avedon, made it to our fashion diary for popularizing one of our favorite fashion styles, skinny jeans.

Lady Diana’s Wedding Dress


In 1981, Lady Diana married Price Charles in what was touted as the ‘wedding of the century’. An incredible 750 million people viewed the spectacle on television. Additionally, 2 million people lined the streets to catch a glimpse of the to-be duchess with one question on their minds, “What’s she wearing?” Her stunning dress was seen as the pinnacle of wedding season fashion at the time, most notably for its 25 foot long train. Created by Elizabeth and David Emanuel, it featured taffeta adorned with lace, embroidery and 10,000 pearls. Kate Middleton recreated this memorable photograph during her wedding to Diana’s son, Prince William.

Kate Moss And The Heroin Chic Look


The 90s brought with it several new trends in fashion. One of the edgiest ones was the ‘heroin chic’ look. Waif thin models posing in gaunt settings brought the look to the forefront of fashion news. The dark settings and sunken features led to this movement receiving severe criticism for glorifying drug use. Cashing in on the publicity was Calvin Klein with their controversial ad campaigns featuring Kate Moss. Barely out of her teens, Moss starred in a series of print ads for the fashion label. Her emaciated frame and vacant expressions gained her the title ’queen of heroin chic’.

Picture courtesy – 1000thingsnyc.com, thetalko.com, liketotally80s.com, today.com and stillinbellgrade.com

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