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Matching Fashion Styles For You And Your BFF

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Friendship day is just around the corner. Cue nostalgic sighs all around as we reminisce about those days where flaunting an armful of ‘friendship bands’ could get you fashion trendsetter status. Recall those middle school musings, when friendship day was seen as a genuine holiday to be celebrated with fervor. Today, it may seem like the entire affair has been reduced to cheesy cards and braided friendship bands, but you can still celebrate the first Sunday of August with some new fashion styles coordinated between you and your bestie. Here are some DIY easy fashion ideas for you and your BFF:

Go All Out In Matching Outfits


Proudly flaunt your friendship by stepping out dressed completely alike. The exact same trendy clothes, footwear and accessories. You could even go the whole way and sport matching hairstyles and makeup. Even if you don’t end up spending the day together, you will still stay connected with your bestie, thanks to your matching fashion styles. And when you do get together, you’ll grab eyeballs, making people exclaim “What’s she wearing?” twice (or more!) over. Round off your celebrations with a sleepover where you’re in matching PJ’s.

Have A Common Element


If you find being completely coordinated is too cheesy, but still want in on the fun, you can compensate by picking one element in your trendy clothes to match. This could be a simple accessory like a scarf or handbag, or a piece of clothing styled in a different fashion. Tops that match can be worn with different bottoms for a ‘same-same-yet-different’ vibe. This gives you an opportunity to stay true to your personal fashion styles, while still being coordinated with your BFF.

Coordinated Sets


Remember those fragmented key chains and lockets from the days of yore that would spell out a cute message when placed together? You can bring back that fun fashion trend with a twist. Dress up in t-shirts or hoodies that sport quirky messages when viewed together. You could choose trendy clothes bearing the classic ‘Best’ and ‘Friend’, or get a little more creative. Are you and your friend close like peanut butter and jam? Or is your friendship better symbolized by chalk and cheese?

Bring On The Bling


Do you and your best friend want to wear your very distinct trendy clothes, but still want to coordinate? Matching jewelry comes to your rescue! You can revive the above-mentioned fashion trend of broken lockets, or pick one exquisite piece that best suits both your fashion styles. Wearing the same drop earring or cocktail ring is a subtle way to coordinate your outfits. Choose pieces that you can wear later too, with different outfits.  This way you can feel close to your BFF while following the latest trends in fashion.

Matching, But Not Quite

Want to match but can’t decide what top to wear? You and your bestie can look coordinated in a chic way by opting for similar fashion styles. You could both wear the same silhouette with different patterns, or vice versa. Opt for new fashion dresses in the same cut that bear different prints. Or sport the same print on different parts of your trendy clothes. Alternatively, you could complement each other’s looks by wearing colors and prints that go well with each other.

As they say, best friends that dress-up together stay together. (Well, if they don’t, they should!)

Picture courtesy – wallpapercoc.com, squarespace.com, wheretogetit.com, aliexpress.com and favim.com

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