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6 Steps To Master Fashion Photography – Latest Fashion Career

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While models on magazine covers are surrounded by glamour and lights, those standing behind the camera are no less sassy. As a fashion photographer, there is a multitude of creative fields to work on, from abstract photography to a hard-core commercial photo shoot. These altitudes of aesthetic elements are not just to be perceived, but are sometimes needed to be created to carve depth into the image.

The enchantments often overshadow the struggle and hard work that goes behind it. If you are an aspiring fashion photographer, follow Pablo Picasso’s advice: “Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist”.

We bring to you six steps to help you master the rules of Fashion Photography:

Show It To Them, Don’t Just Tell Them



If you are waiting for a big break to hit you like a meteor, you may end up waiting forever. You cannot always count on your angels – sometimes, you need to make things work with the help of your invisible genius. No firm or entity will hire you for your promises. What you are hired for is what you have to show for those promises.

Create a strong portfolio that highlights the best of your skills and simultaneously offers a platter with alluring aesthetic varieties.

Internship Is The Stepping Stone



Working with a firm that offers you opportunities to explore the verticals within your field is a good start to your career. Working under an ace photographer will expose you to a variety of challenges whilst lending you an in-depth knowledge of on-field skills.

Photography also includes creative direction, production and team direction. To work with an eminent firm or photographer may require you to work on all the comprehensive roles, from arranging props to being equipped with DIY fashion tips. One has to be open to accepting all the challenging roles and handling them without complaints.

Be Consistent, Not Comparative


Let’s assume you succeed in starting your career with a bang. Once you acquire a chance to work under an ace photographer and make an indelible impression, what’s next? Never settle for the moon when you can aim for the stars. In this evolving orbit of fashion, one needs to have a well-defined position. And the key to create it is consistency.

Once you showcase your ability to create brilliant projects, delivering the same amount of intensity with consistency is very crucial. While doing this, one often tends to get carried away by the competitors. There will be a number of aspirants trying to make their way in the race, but just because something worked for them, doesn’t mean it should work for you too. Hone your strengths and work on them to create your individualistic style.

Wander To Capture The Wonder


A passionate photographer is often a wanderer at heart. One has to be ready to travel to all possible places from the peaks of mountains and dark caves to undiscovered beaches. Coalescing the mystical beauty of nature with the changing fashion trends, one has to strive hard to find the complementing backdrops and capture them at the right time.

Why Just Capture When You Can Create?


While creating concepts and mood-boards, one does not necessarily have an exact location of envisioned frames. Sometimes you need to create compelling backdrops to support your concept. For this, one has to be aware of new fashion styles as well as vintage ones and incorporate them correctly.

Sometimes, you are lucky to get a candid movement of the model, a ripple on the hem caused by the gush of air or a ray of light entering from the broken window on the exact spot to create a perfect frame. But many a times, you have to go the extra mile to create each and every aspect that you had planned to integrate in your concept.

Sell Your Concepts, Not Just A Frame


Many a times, a creative person finds it difficult to sell his aesthetic idea, and settles for blending it in with the commercial ideas set for corporate requirements. A fashion photographer need not work on latest fashion trends or DIY fashion trends to get acknowledged by their audience. Creating whimsical frames with abstract fashion or building up visual drama with vintage clothing can also bring you appreciation for your own individualistic style.

You only need to make it reach your viewers. A large number of people choose to learn the latest trends by following fashion online. Creating a fashion blog to exhibit your unique style of fashion photography can offer you freedom of presenting your unequaled style without any commercial norms.

Picture courtesy – fashiongonerouge.com, umoart.com, industrycity.com, pinterest.com, lipstickandlacquer, lylybye and pexels.com

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