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How To Build A Career Around Fashion Blogs

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No longer seen as offbeat, fashion blogging is considered a legitimate career option today. Creators of popular fashion blogs are revered in the fashion industry because they offer an effective way to reach out to the masses. You can find top bloggers occupying prestigious front row seats at many fashion shows, often given priority over print editors. However, being a successful fashion blogger involves much more than documenting hot fashion trends. Read on to find out how the best fashion blogs function.

The Perks

From free fashion clothes to endorsement deals, fashion bloggers are celebrities in their own right. If you are one of the select few who have enough followers on their fashion blogs, then you are seen as a lucrative marketing tool by fashion labels. This translates into them trying to get into your good books by showering you with trendy clothes and other incentives. However, your blog needs to be widely followed before you can be considered worthy of preferential treatment. Fashion bloggers also earn through paid promotions, collaborations and posting sponsored content.

The Popularity

How successful a fashion blog is can be gauged by how many people follow it. With so many players in the field, it can be difficult to make your voice heard. The best fashion blogs are those that take to every medium possible to reach their audience. Readers may not always comment on your blog posts, but you know you’re getting to them when you see the likes increase on related posts on Instagram. In this era of short attention spans, the internet is seen as the primary source for fashion news. As a fashion blogger, you would play a major role in reporting the latest fashion trends and influencing the fashion styles of your followers.

The Struggle


Before you can reap the perks that come with successful fashion blogs, you will need to work hard to get your blog noticed. It could take years before you make it to the big league. Maintaining a successful blog goes far beyond displaying photos of you sporting new fashion dresses. It takes a long time to understand how the fashion industry functions, and what role your blog would play. You must keep up with the latest in fashion news and stay up-to-date on fashion trends. Being patient is key during the initial stages.

The Secret To The Best Fashion Blogs


A successful fashion blog is one that compels its readers to come back for more. With so many options available related to fashion online, you need to find out what sets you apart. Ensure that your content is of topmost quality in order to keep visitors engaged. What will make your blog unique is your personality, so it needs to shine through in your content. Merely spelling out your opinion on the new trends in fashion is not enough. You need to make it accessible, so ensure that your blog is easy to navigate with a crisp design.

The Challenges


The fashion industry is not always the warmest of places, and it can be downright harsh to a beginner with no contacts. While fashion blogging may seem like a glamorous way to get your hands on new fashion styles, you need to be prepared for a lot of rejection initially. In addition, it is important to realize that when you post anything related to fashion online, you are putting your work in the hands of virtual strangers. The internet is not a friendly space, there are chances that you will receive negative comments, including hurtful ones. Remember why you got into this field, and focus on the positive aspects, keep your head up and your fashion diary full of useful contacts.

The Expenses


Maintaining fashion blogs is not a cheap affair. Your initial investment will include hosting a domain name (this is always recommended over starting on a free platform, as it helps build your brand) and website development. Once your blog is up and running, your expenses will be related to the kind of content you post. If you focus on reporting fashion news, you will be travelling and paying for accommodation. You also need to factor in the cost of equipment like cameras and all the trendy clothes you will be showcasing. Remember, the freebies don’t come till much later!

Fashion blogging is a difficult career choice, one filled with many challenges. But the rewards are certainly worth it. Do your research by looking through the latest fashion blogs 2016 has to offer. Find the format that suits you best, be it a fashion accessory blog, a video blog or a photo gallery, and start documenting those new fashion styles. Who knows, it might be you sitting in the front row at the next fashion week!

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