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5 Fashion Styles To Avoid While Going For A Job Interview

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First impression is the last impression – however clichéd this expression might have been, it never gets old.

And when it comes to occasions like dressing up for a face-to-face interview, it holds even truer.

Worried about what to do and how to dress for your job interview? While a lot of fashion blogs will guide you on what to wear, we’re here to give you a bit of what not to wear:

1. Wearing Wrinkled Clothes


If your interview clothes look like you’ve spent the entire night in them, odds are high that you won’t get to hear from the interviewer again. Make it a point to plan your attire the night before, and get your clothes ironed before you put them on. There’s simply no shortcut out!

2. Showing Up Overdressed


Yes, we understand that you’ve been eyeing the job of a fashion editor since long. But if you think the first interview is your only chance to show off your sartorial best, stop! You won’t have to dress up like a runway model. And this holds equally true for any profession. Overdressing in business formals for women is a no-no.

3. Donning Loud Prints And Bold Colors


You might be a fan of quirky fashion, and leopard prints might occupy most of your wardrobe. Nothing wrong in that. But, when dressing up for an interview, try not to mix contrasting shades, bold prints, shimmery clothes and anything that makes you look outlandish.

4. Sporting Overly Casual Styles


Even if your interviewer does not specify their dress code for office wear for women, simply restrain yourself from grabbing your tank top, ripped denims and sneakers. However laid-back the organisation might be, you are expected to stick to at least business casuals.

5. Dressing In Uncomfortable Attire


Make comfort a priority when you’re off to make the first impression. Tops or formal dresses for women should not feature revealing silhouettes and restrictive fabrics. The last thing you’d want is fidgeting with a plunge neckline or feeling sweaty and breathless in those synthetic formal pants for women. Always opt for garments crafted from lightweight, organic fabrics like cellulose fiber.

Instead of focusing on the brand and the price point while choosing formal wear for women, put the emphasis on how you feel in those clothes. A natural and fluid fabric like LIVA will keep you both comfy and stylish when you’re ready to take on the world wearing those formal dresses for girls and sharp suits.

Image Courtesy : pinimg.com, thefancarpet.com

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