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5 Reasons Why Blazers Are A Must-Have In Your Fashion Diary

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Name a garment that is a lifesaver to a corporate, an arm candy to the pub-hopper on wintry nights, and a dose of sensibility to the casual dresser’s wardrobe.

Yes, it’s a blazer. In case you don’t own one, or are too unsure about its value, here are the five reasons why you should include this must-have piece in your fashion diary:

1. It’s Versatile


As we said, there’s hardly any other outfit that can complement your daytime, night-time, party, and office looks with as much ease as a blazer. If you want to stick to the safer side with your fashion clothes, choose a neutral color and voila! No more worries about how to tie that ensemble together.

2. It Amps Up Every Look


The game of dressing up is indeed a tricky one. But with a fitted blazer in your wardrobe, consider half of your worries solved. It gives an instant sophisticated boost to all combinations of fashion styles, irrespective of the time of day or year.

3. It Never Goes Out Of Style


From classic monochrome to quirky prints, a blazer can be paired with every outfit for a timeless look. Ask the best fashion blogs, from Coco Chanel’s iconic jacket to the Duchess of Cambridge’s smart coats, blazers have always been in vogue.

4. It Lasts Almost A Lifetime


Well-fitted winter jackets for women become a staple in the owner’s wardrobe. Owing to its timelessness and versatility, consider a good quality blazer as a one-time investment that you’ll cherish for long.

5. It Suits Every Body Type


Not only the season and occasion, a blazer is the perfect accessory for every body type as well. They come in all shapes and cuts to create a structured look. With a clinched waist and sharp shoulders, blazers are great confidence boosters.

Let class, elegance and confidence ooze out of your ensemble with a blazer that is tailor-made for you. Choose LIVA for its fluid feel that adds an edge to your look without weighting it down. Explore LIVA women’s jackets across stores and choose from the range of options available, including solid, printed, and lace-trimmed ones!

Image Courtesy: pinimg.com, jacketsociety.com, treatsandtrendsblog.com,

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