Fall in love with a whole new range of nature-based fabrics from LIVA! Enriched with ethically sourced fibres of Birla Viscose, Birla Micro- Modal, Birla Excel and Birla Spunshades, fabrics made with LIVA are naturally smooth, luxuriously soft and stay colour consistent even after multiple washes. Giving all your outfits a soft, feather light and bouncy feel, no matter the occasion.

What Makes LIVA a better choice?

Natural origin

Ethically derived from natural, renewable resources

Luxuriously soft

Not just soft, but as soft as crème


Bouncy feel. For day long freshness


Comfort and Care for the environment as well

Drapes well

For the perfect drape and fall


For garments which are high on fashion

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LIVA X Gabriella Demetriades

With 'work from home' becoming our new reality, the consumers' perception of fashion has changed too. But for Gabriella Demetriades, this new perception presented a new opportunity, leading to her ambitious capsule collection - 'Live From Home'.


LIVA x Rina Dhaka

‘Sustainable Romanticism’, a collection that is all about fluidity, softness, romance and of course, sustainability. With fewer grand occasions to attend, Rina Dhaka talks about this easy and sustainable collection made with LivaEco fabrics.


What is ‘Live Your Flow’?

You’ve watched them experiment with fashion and live their flow. Now watch as these top fashion influencers candidly share their take on ‘live your flow’ and what makes them reach out for garments made with LIVA fabrics.


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