5 LIVA Capris For A Stylish You

The Latest fashion trends this season in 2016 are shorts and capris. Even Bollywood fashion trends are amazed at what’s in fashion and all the DIY fashion blogs are writing about the monsoon fashion trends in capris that caught the attention of the world at large.

Capris have caught the attention of the stylists in India and people are raving about how perfectly they fit monsoon fashion trends and how the old trend looks gorgeous when paired with the right selection of tops. They look amazing.

Capris are a rage and if you’re not raving about them then maybe you’re out of touch with hot fashion trends. They spunk up your look and keep you at ease with the monsoon. They have become the first choice in the rains for fashion lovers because they are comfortable.

Capris look smart and they are hassle free in the monsoon, with all the water dying to get into our pants. Plus they are trendy with so many styles available in that category. Tall or short, thin or fat, the best thing about this fashion trend is that it suits everyone and can be worn everywhere.

Capris lighten your mood and give you that carefree feeling that gives out vibes of joy from you and attracts so much attention to you that it’s difficult to handle it sometimes. It’s a simply outstanding trend that’s easily available for you.

Liva capri 1

These yoga capris with the pastel coloured belt on it look gorgeous to the ‘S’. You can wear them at the gym or at the park while exercising and you can be more than willing to load off that extra weight of you. They say what you love to wear brightens up your mood and motivates you. Well, these will surely motivate you to get in the perfect shape.

Liva capri 2

These full-length Capris is all you need for a day out at a picnic with your friends and family. Look at this girl in the example image and you see how at ease she is with herself. Full-length capris can do that for you as well. Par them with a light coloured shirt and you’re good to knock off the sockets of your loved ones.

Liva capri 3

These short shorts would look simply superb at picnics when paired with simple pastel coloured T-shirts. Add the perfect beaded neck piece and a solid pair of flats to revamp your day look at outings.

Liva capri 4

A perfect pair of loose fit capris is all you need to wear for casual occasions with your closed ones and relatives. It has this feeling that you have got it under control yet you are easy going about whatever situation you are facing. They spell freedom.

Liva capri 5

These type of capris with the belt and cut at the side can be worn to a corporate party and you would look dashing. Pair them with a loose yet fit top and a matching neck piece to look breathtaking. Don’t forget your stilettos.

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