Fabrics Never Felt So Fluid

Fabrics Never Felt Luxuriously Soft


Want to know what’s in store for you this season? Here’s a collection of all the looks you could grab


Liva Protègè

A nation wide hunt for budding fashion designers


Trends & Forecasting

Think you’re fashion forward in its true sense? Here’s all that you should know about what should rule your wardrobe the next fashion season



Looking for fluidity and elegance? Here are our swatches for you to choose and order.



Shivan and Narresh

Fashion Designer

Liva Protégé is an excellent platform and an excellent opportunity for design students to get noticed.

Anu Shyamsundar

Fashion Designer

Liva Protégé is a unique opportunity for design students across the country since they receive a chance to work one on one with a few of the country’s best designer and also with one of the best fabric companies in the country.

Parveen Dusanj


It was great to be a part of Liva Protégé this year. It’s really admirable and commendable that Liva Protégé goes pan India finding really young creative new designers and giving them a platform to shine

Narendra Kumar Ahmed


I have been watching Liva Protégé right from the time it started and this season the sudents and the mentors have really upped the game of quality and aesthetics.

Nida Mahmood


Liva Protégé is a great platform for budding designers because it lends an opportunity to young talent to come out there and experience an independent space

Pallavi Singhee


Liva Protégé is the only platform for budding designers right now. They have been very generous with the mentors and the models. I don’t think there can be a better platform for emerging designers

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