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These 5 Designers Are Making Waves For Their Eco Friendly Fashion

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Good fashion makes the day, but could it save the earth? In between high-street labels and luxury brands, are we closing our eyes to sustainable fashion?

And why this sudden cause for concern, you may ask. After all, they’re just clothes! Well, alarmingly, the fashion industry is the next big polluter in line after the oil business.

But there’s good news too. Slowly and gradually, new-age designers are beginning to understand the importance of eco friendly clothing. Eco designs are the new buzzword, with a growing number of shoppers opting for garments designed through sustainable methods.

Here are 5 designers who’ve made it their business to drive the green movement through their eco friendly fashion.

1. Shani Himanshu And Mia Morikawa

LIVA_Cares_Eco_Friendly_Designer_Shani Himanshu And Mia Morikawa

Mia Morikawa and Shani Himanshu are designers who completely believe in generating designs made from organic fabric. Fabrics are handwoven devoid of any machinery. Therefore, energy consumption is significantly low. This also means that the designers generate less industrial waste during the production process.

2. Madhu Jain

LIVA_Cares_Eco_Friendly_Designer_Madhu Jain

How about hitting two targets with one arrow? Designer Madhu Jain does it effortlessly. Her designs are not just meant to be good for the earth but they’re good for you as well. How? The designer’s bamboo textiles are naturally UV resistant, which means reduced exposure to the harmful sun rays when you wear them. On the green scale, her textiles, made from natural fibres and other raw materials are completely biodegradable.

3. Anaka Narayanan


Anaka Narayanan champions the cause of sustainable fashion. She lays considerable emphasis on using natural textiles in her creations. Apart from the fact that they naturally lend a classic touch to any garment, the designer loves them for their earth-friendly qualities. And there’s much evidence that supports this belief. Production of natural fibres requires comparatively less energy than synthetic materials. Besides, such fabrics are completely biodegradable towards the close of their life cycle. But guess how Anaka is doing much more than just this? Her sustainable fashion choices are helping several local artisans and weavers earn a livelihood and exhibit their skills!

4. Samant Chauhan

LIVA_Cares_Eco_Friendly_Designer_Samant Chauhan

You’ve probably been wondering why we haven’t listed a male designer yet. Of course, they care about the earth too! Samant Chauhan takes forward the silk weaving tradition of his native town Bhagalpur. The designer is an expert at making best out of waste generated after cocoons are harvested and processed. What he’s left with are coarser and stronger weaves, which he goes on to use in his designs. The same applies for excess fabric left behind at the cutting stage. The designer is also strictly against the act of killing silkworms for silk and instead believes in hand weaving the fabric for his designs.

5. Amit Aggarwal

Amit Aggarwal believes in upcycling, breathing life into materials that don’t have much use. Styled to meet the design sensibilities of the modern woman, the designer knows how to create fashion with a purpose. Old polythene bags, bindi sheets, and broken remains of sequins, the designer has actually used these mundane items to create beautiful wearable garments!

If you’re already inspired, how about upgrading to an earth-friendly fashion collection today? Find your favourite styles made from LIVA fabric, which is man-made from natural fibres, sustainable, and high on comfort. Opt for eco friendly dresses, leggings, jackets, and almost anything you know that can help towards reducing the harmful impact on earth.

Picture courtesy – grazia.co.in, indelust.com, thehansindia.com, trustedclothes.com, theamazingmodels.com

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