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Fashion Styles That Don’t Harm The Environment

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In today’s world of globalization and futuristic technology, we see innovations in every sector. From day-to-day grocery shopping to the purchase of property, everything has been automated to a click. How then, could a fast-paced sector like textiles be left untouched? The world of fashion is known for its easily adaptable nature. New age innovations are always welcome and presented in the best way by the fashion community, be it 3D printed jewelry or wearable technology. But have we ever considered where this fast-paced evolution is leading us?

Immersed in the wave of technological development, seldom have we thought about the damage we are causing to the environment. A lot of major fashion brands like Gucci, Stella McCartney and Levi’s have been taking measures to promote a sustainable fashion process. Campaigns such as ‘Slow Fashion’ and ‘Made in USA’ work to spread awareness on the necessity of sustainability in fashion and textiles.

While the fashion industry takes steps towards developing environment-friendly processes, we as consumers can do our bit by making a few changes in our fashion styles. We bring to you some of the latest trends in fashion that contribute to the growth of sustainable fashion, while keeping you voguish.

Reach Out For Your Roots With Khadi


India has a rich history pertaining to its connection with textile production. During the independence struggle, a movement was introduced promoting the use of khadi in day-to-day clothing. This caused the fabric to gain popularity and adopt to the changing apparel market. Today the homespun fabric has made a place for itself in the textile industry.

The active incorporation of khadi by Rahul Mishra and Deepika Gehani at Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week is an indication of its growing recognition. The Khadi Udyog also ensures the easy availability of the material by arranging an annual sale on the 2nd of October, in honor of Mahatma Gandhi, who was well-known for his affinity to this fabric.

Adopt The Organic Fabric Range


Fashion is a revolutionary industry that incorporates the ideal mix of new-age innovations like wearable technology and the legacy of fundamental textiles. With the growing awareness of environmental safety, a large number of designers are now coming up with beautiful creations crafted out of organic fabrics like cotton, silk and wool.

Made from natural elements and free of harmful chemicals, these fabrics carry skin-friendly characteristics. Also, fabrics like silk lend the desired silhouette along with a rich appearance to the garments. Cotton being a fundamental textile can be used in various ways to create a variety of comfortable yet trendy clothes.

Strut your way with LIVA Fashion


High fashion styles require equally exquisite fabrics to complement and complete their alluring appearance. The innovative trend of LIVA fashion lends garments a fluid look whilst enhancing their chicness.

With superior comfort and an environmental friendly nature, it is the way to go in terms of sustainable fashion. Constructed out of the natural fiber cellulose, it also offers skin-friendly usage. Brands like Allen Solly and Global Desi have already paved the way to sustainable fashion by coming up with fashion styles made out of LIVA fabric.

Picture courtesy – indianroots.com, fashionforwardtrends.com beingnita.com6

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