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4 Tech Innovations Wired Into Latest Fashion Styles

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We are the generation of ‘smart sapiens’, with advanced technology in our hands, on our wrist, even in our water! Technology is evolving with every passing minute and we have an app for practically everything under the sky. With the tech squads invading our homes and our food, the next big thing is surely going to be our clothes. When we think of wearable technology, images of chunky watches and fitness bands pop in our heads. One of the greatest innovations in our time is fashion, with its ever changing styles and constant evolution to keep up with the advancing world. Innovators have realized the need for an upgrade in the way we see fashion.

Here are some recent innovations that incorporate technology into fashion styles:

3D Printed Fashion Clothes


The most talked about tech innovation in fashion is 3D printing. With futuristic designs and durable fibers, it has taken the world of fashion by storm over the last few years. From cyborg-y designs, designers have now started printing trendy clothes with more utility. It won’t be long before 3D printed clothes start rolling in mainstream markets sporting the latest fashion styles. 3D printing helps achieve precision that human hands cannot. The technology also helps execute ideas in a more organic way and uses lesser manpower.

The Polo Tech Shirt


When one of the most classic fashion labels makes clothes with technology embedded in it, you know the world of fashion is set to change. Ralph Lauren have given their iconic polo t-shirts a tech makeover. With biosensing fabric woven in the shirt, it is one of the finest health tracking device in the market. And let’s accept it, it’s a refreshing change from those bulky watches. The shirt will be able to track your calorie burning and the intensity of your workout for you to access on your smartphone. All of this while being ahead of the latest fashion trends!

Levi’s Commuter Trucker Jacket


Levis are always innovating to increase their product utility, be it with their waterproof jeans or their latest collaboration with Google that takes wearable technology to a whole new level. Designed for cyclists, this jacket seamlessly performs functions like answering phone calls, changing music or accessing maps. All of this happens with the conductive yarn made with Google’s Jacquard technology. The best part about this product has to be its amazing design that makes it look like a denim jacket, so you can stay in sync with what’s in fashion rather than looking like a robot.

Bellabeat Leaf


This innovative product is specially designed for women to track their stress and sleeping patterns. It helps track the menstrual cycle, keeping a check on hormones and mood swings, and also alerts the wearer about ovulation and their period. It focuses on mental health to help the wearer achieve Zen. Easy to access with a mobile app, it comes with a battery that lasts for over 6 months. The leaf can be worn as a bracelet or a necklace to help achieve a wholesome way of living. And the best part about it? It’s so dainty and beautiful, it will be your favorite piece of jewellery to pair with your trendy clothes.

While these may be just a few products, there are many others under patents or testing that will help fashion styles increase their utility beyond wear. It’s not long from now that we will be practically carrying our world with us in our pockets!

Picture courtesy – rapidreadytech.com, instyle.com, atap.google.com and macrumors.com 


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