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The Reigning Fashion Designers And Their Signature Style

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Paris is called the capital of fashion destinations for a reason. Apart from being an abode for several regent designers, it is a dream destination for many fashion aspirants. With a panoptic acceptance and an eye for the aesthetic detailing, the Parisian audience in itself is an encouragement for artists. Every year a brigade of designers armed with artistic skills and expert craftsmanship present their creative inventions.

Amongst them are some masters, who have gained recognition for starting a revolution in the world of fashion. In the midst of awe-inspiringly fanciful ramps, these authorities of the glamour world narrate their ideations through structural silhouettes, flowing fabrics, and communicative colors.

We bring you top five reigning fashion designers who author the latest fashion trends all over the world.

Jean Paul Gaultier



The showman, as he is popularly termed, Jean Paul Gaultier is a designer known for his quirky glamour and radical imagination. Obscure patterns and bling elements highlight his individualistic style. Gaultier’s collections reveal an enchanting paradox through representing a rebel hidden behind fragile femininity.

Whether it be a conical corset for Madonna or an abstract leather dress with dainty lace details, his designs express the wildness and authority enshrouded inside a delicate lady. Combining structured lines with flaccid fabrics, he is the master of blending antipodes in a complementing manner.

Victor and Rolf



Reflecting fashion as a component of art, Victor and Rolf, or, the fashion artists as they call themselves, are an exemplar of new age avant-garde designers. Flaunting for aesthetic elements with their nonpareil skills, they are the sweethearts of fashion news.

Wrought in a metrical form in coherence with their inspiration, their designs remind us of poems in Carmen figurations. Their collection of wearable art proves the fact that utility of the art in itself is the biggest proof of its ability to transform. The three-dimensional silhouettes derived from its source of inspiration is the USP of this designer duo.

Zuhair Murad



Like a romanticized affair in a Shakespearian sonnet, Zuhair Murad’s collections are an array of rhythmic garments. Capturing the fluidity of fabric and directing its flow in resplendent silhouettes, he apes the rhyming tone of a sonnet. Graced with intricate embroideries on sheer fabrics usually in muted shades, the garments speak of the adept designer’s eye for dainty details.

Delicate embroidery and embellishments soldered with balmy fabrics, his designs carry a bling of glamour. The fearlessly flared layers overlapping streamlined structures mark his ready-to-wear collections. With sleek waist belts and long side-slits, he is known for incorporating feminine beauty in his designs.

Stephan Rolland



Familiarizing the world with the enchantments of floor-sweeping dreamy garments, Stephan Rolland is an exceptional designer known for streamlined silhouettes. His sculptured forms with ruffled embellishments portray the idea of a modern woman. Fashion blogs never tire of canonizing his garments, which are a representation of literary realism.

Crisp details, clean edges and neutral shades highlight the minimalist appeal of his designs. His elegantly-cut gowns are usually seen garnering compliments as contemporary couture style on red carpets. Decked with accent elements, his collections exemplify that less is more.

Giambattista Valli



A blend of aristocracy and aestheticism, Giambatista Valli is a revolutionary creator. Every time his collections stroll on the ramp, the ambiance gets transmuted into the Victorian Era. His designs embrace the feminine beauty with a sensuousness and elegance of the Romantic period.

Playing his cards with rippling silhouettes and dainty details, Valli’s designs are sure to be found on every woman’s wish list.  Garments with curling hems, unfurling layers, pastel shades and co-occurred ruffles highlight his unique style.

Picture courtesy – jldstudios.com, epykomene.com, livecuriouslymag.com, couturestyle.net and famousfashiondesigners.org

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