The universe has a secret.
It's called the flow.
Flow is the feeling of being in sync
from your neckline to your hemline.
It's the rhythm set in your stride.
It's the confidence that flows through your being.
Every stitch in your fibre and every tuck in your being buzzes with energy when you're in the flow.
It's the fabric of the universe.
And we've woven it into everything you wear.
So go ahead and

Shibani Dhandekar

With a deep dive into the world of entertainment, I found my calling. I realised that being on stage and being an entertainer was the only way I could live my flow.

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Hina Khan

The confidence, enthusiasm and energy that comes from within and the burning passion to achieve my goals is what motivates me to go out there and live my flow.

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Amyra Dastur

With the camera rolling, my feet sway to the music, it feels like a distant dream has come to life. It feels like I am finally one with myself, it feels like I'm finally living my flow.

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Liva Tube

Liva Tube

Be free to be yourself, every day. Live life fluently and as you like it with Liva. #LiveYourFlow

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