Global Kaleidoscope

By Liva

Birla Cellulose, a world leader in Man-made cellulose fibers has launched a trend collection for Spring Summer 18. This collection purely uses Birla Viscose and Birla Modal Fibres in core and innovation. It  has been the outcome of extensive research done by the Birla Cellulose team based on market survey,  client feedback of global brands and retail, trend direction by WGSN, an international Forecast design consultant agency. The fine quality Fabrics were developed at the State - of - art Textile Research and Application Development Center (TRADC) of Birla Cellulose.

The Spring Summer 18 collection ’Metanoia’ talks about the journey of changing one’s mind, heart and self or way of life. The inspiration derived from ‘Metanoia’ culminates into an interesting array of high quality fabrics, blends, their distinct functionalities, textures, patterns, prints, and varied color hues. The theme transpires into bright yarn dyed designs, intricate jacquards, rich classy plains, Light weight fabrics and Neppy newness which in turn form the inspiration of our four stories and phases of Life –


The third phase story ‘GLOBAL KALEIDOSCOPE’ showcases that in an era of borders, art will be borderless. Art and travel will create stronger ties and drive greater connectivity across the globe. Fresh perspectives will be derived of traditional cultures and materials, combining new patterns and designs to tell new stories inspiring multicultural design ethos.                                                                                           

 The featured fabric product stories are -

1. Yarn-dyed Conversations (Spundyed/Birla Modal/Viscose)

2. Luxe Plains (Birla Modal)

3. Jacquard Art (Birla Modal)                                                                                                                         

4. Veiled Sheers (Birla Modal)