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Liva Antimicrobial is an innovative fabric that gives you longer lasting protection from microbes, even after multiple washes. These fabrics are made using antimicrobial fibers by Birla Cellulose that protect your apparels and home textiles from bacteria and viruses.

What sets us apart

Kills over 99%
            bacteria and viruses

Kills over 99% bacteria and viruses WITHIN 24 HOURS* {EFFECTIVE ON VIRUS SARS-COV-2 (COVID 19)**}

Natural origin

Natural origin

skin friendly and odour free

skin friendly and odour free

made long lasting by injecting antimicrobial agent at fibre stages

made long lasting by injecting antimicrobial agent at fibre stages#

Disclaimer: *Fabric performance has been tested under standard conditions / international lab test protocols laid by ISO18184 & AATCC 100. **Tested by the lab Technical an Innovative Textile Solution Centre.
^Microbes: All microorganisms including virus, bacteria and fungi. #Effective even up to 50 washes. Neutral mild detergents & gentle wash recommended for best results. Antimicrobial by Birla Cellulose is an antimicrobial fibre.
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Liva with Antimicrobial protection is a special viscose based fabric which inhibits the growth of microbes (Bacteria and Viruses) on Apparels & Home-Textiles, and kills them to the extent of 99% effective even after 50 washes.
Up to 99% protection against microbes (bacteria and viruses^)
Killing of microbes inhibits odour development, keeps the fabric fresh and increases hygiene
Skin friendly
Long lasting freshness
Increases overall hygiene and is soft on skin
This fabric is made with Antimicrobial fibres by Birla Cellulose which inhibits the growth of microbes like bacteria and viruses. During the fibre manufacturing process an active agent is added which becomes an integral part of the fibre and provides durable antimicrobial properties. Interactions between active agent and microbes causes rupture of the cell membrane and destroys the microbe.
Efficacy of the product has been tested on various microbes using test methods like:

i. AATCC 100 - Efficacy on Staphylococcus Aureus and Klebsialla Penumoniae
ii. JIS 1902 / ISO 20743 - Efficacy on Staphylococcus Aureus and Klebsialla Penumoniae.
iii. ASTM E 2149 13a - Efficacy on Staphylococcus Aureus and Klebsialla Penumoniae.
iv. Microchem Lab, USA test for odour - reduced odour.
C Xeroxis ATCC 373. S Hominus ATCC 27844.
v. Skin sensitivity test; ISO 10993-10:2010(E).
The additive used in making our fibers is REACH compliant. Our BAB approved Antimicrobial additive is widely used in cosmetics, wet-wipes and disinfectant-wipes in EU and USA and can be used in direct skin contact. Our fabrics are approved for use with detergents in USA on clothes in washing machine and retain their antibacterial properties even after multiple washes.
AATCC 100 and JIS L 1902 tests conducted by Intertek and Biotech Testing Services lab in India will help you in this regard.
Yes, the current lot does have tracer in it. However, the SOP to track Antimicrobial in value chain is still being worked out.
Liva with enhanced Antimicrobial attributes is made with nature – based fibres by Birla Cellulose.
Kurti , Saree, Western wear, bed linen, bath linen, floor and furnishing, active wear, casual wear, kids wear, stoles, sleep wear, lounge wear, workwear, uniforms, masks, leggings, palazzo, jumpsuits, tops, tunics, dresses, trouser and many others.
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*Infusion of antimicrobial properties into fibres may require statutory and regulatory approvals. Please check with the local laws and regulations before using the antimicrobial fibre in your products.

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