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Trendy Hairstyles For 2015

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Come summer, and everyone wants to chop of their tresses to something shorter and manageable. But don’t take to the scissors just yet! Long hair is in and how! Sure summer is perfect for bobs and pixie cuts but those are so 2014. 2015 is more of the 70’s coming to life and more ethereal whilst dealing with high temperatures.

The umpteen weeks of fashions shows showed ridiculously simple hair styles which can be done at home and which look chic and, believe it or not, are summer friendly.

Crimping- Yup, crimping is back; but not the whole head of hair. Take a few strands from the side and some from the middle and crimp these sections. Either sleek back your hair and tuck it behind your ears or tie your hair into a chic ponytail at the nape of your neck. Crimping is extremely easy to do and gives your hair a different look even when the style is same.



Braiding- Ah, 2015’s favourite trend. Braiding has gone to a whole different level from the regular school girl plaits. There are messy braids, fish braids, fish tail, five strand braids and French braids currently doing the rounds. You can also keep your hair open and braid only the bottom strands into think plaits (either just one or one on each side) and secure them with clear plastic bands. Else, braid your hair all over (either just a French braid or a fish braid with the five strand braid or normal braids all over the head) secure them in an elegant knot or a bun at the base.





Sleek- This is what Kim Kardashian has been spotted sporting. It is not exactly the wet hair look, but the voluminous big hair of 2014. To make a statement, sleek hair is the way to go. Hair should be parted right in the center and should be sleeked back with serum. Once the hair is sleek and straight enough tuck it behind your ears. Else just tie it up in careless bun.





Messy- Messy hair has never gone out of style, nor will it ever. Messy hair reminds one of beach and waves and the ocean. Messy beach waves are summer perfect. Just scrunch up your hair and use a hair mist salt spray to get the desired texture. Leave it in loose waves or end it in a messy bun with loose strands and wear it during the day and for the dinner at night.



Ponytails- High ponytails are back but how does one make them look less Barbie and cheerleader and more chic? Use a salt hair spray mist on damp hair and rough dry hair. Curl the entire head for volume and then back comb on the crown. Tie hair in a high ponytail; tease the strands underneath and voila! A messy yet chic high ponytail is ready. But chic low ponytails look good too. When we say low ponytails we mean below the nape of the neck. Hair has to be straight and smooth for this look. Leave the front loose.



Hair accessories- But no matter the style or the length of your hair or even the texture and colour, the one thing that got the social media in a storm during the fashion weeks were the simple yet statement making hair accessories. Circle barrettes from Celine with the half up and half down look were a rage along with the blingy hairbands Dolce and Gabbana’s floral clips and Valentino’s marine inspired hair clips. Or just braid a colourful scarf through your hair.





Year 2015 has seen the return of trends we thought were long gone. So if you have held on to your favourite accessories for the past few years, then it is time to remove those from the back of the drawers and start using them. Go crazy with your hair and the messier it is, the more summer friendly it is.

Picture courtesy- condenast.co.uk and cdn.co

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