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Trendy Clothes From Our Favorite TV Shows

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Gone are the days when Hollywood was considered the hot seat of international fashion trends. Today’s fashion enthusiasts are looking at the small screen for DIY fashion tips to spruce up their wardrobe. Here are a few TV shows that gave us some of the best-dressed and most stylish fashion icons of the day:

Sex And The City


A favorite among women of all ages, Sex and the City ranks high on style quotient. The four women on the show have their own unique style. Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) comes across as the ultimate diva sporting the best in contemporary fashion labels. Samantha (Kim Cattrall) as the glamorous lady from LA carries herself with oomph in her sultry outfits and high heels. Charlotte York (Kristine Davis) dresses to perfection in her tweeds and skirts, making her a fashion trendsetter for haute Moms around the world. Miranda Hobbs (Cynthia Nixon) as the successful lawyer has a style that is extremely professional and slightly conservative. Her power suits and buttoned up shirts have set hot fashion trends in offices from London to New York.

Desperate Housewives


Desperate Housewives is another show that has caught many eye balls for its portrayal of high fashion. Eva Longoria as Gabriella Soles, model-turned-housewife, gives us a glimpse of spunky yet classy dressing. She looks drop-dead gorgeous in her designer outfits. Susan Mayer (Teri Hatcher) with her svelte figure can carry off fashion styles with élan. She looks equally good in a negligee as in a casual combo of jeans, jacket and scarf. She also looks absolutely stunning in dressy outfits.

Modern Family


The women in the popular comic series Modern Family have their own distinctive styles. Sofia Vergara as the sensuous Gloria has a colorful wardrobe that is in tune with her character and accentuates her curves. She accessorizes her trendy clothes well with her Gucci purses and over-sized earrings. Claire (Julie Bowen), as a mother of three, has a style that is subtler. Her clothes are simple, functional and classy. She sets fashion trends that can be emulated by any mom with a penchant for fashion.

Mad Men


Mad Men has been featured in fashion news and fashion blogs for its portrayal of men’s fashion. This show has brought the suited look from the 1960s back in vogue. Don Draper (Jon Hamm) as the creative director of an advertising firm is impeccably dressed in classic American suits that are well-fitted and suave. He looks dapper in his week-end outfits too. Roger Sterling (John Slattery), as the more experienced professional, sports fashion styles that are older but livelier. He chooses to wear chic jackets with vests. His preference for peaked lapels and varied collar styles sets him apart as a bold man with a dashing sense of style.



Another TV show synonymous with fashion and style is Friends. This show had a tremendous impact on fashion in the 90’s. Rachel, Monica, Ross, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey ushered in a style that was cool and easy. Apart from the infamous ‘Rachel’ hair-do, the show popularized a number of fashion styles as seen on the different characters. This included snazzy denims, dungarees and turtlenecks, chunky jewelry among many more. This show also pioneered several fashion trends in menswear. It introduced us to buttoned-up Gap shirts with chinos as work wear. And who can forget Ross’s legendary leather pants?

Picture courtesy – manrepeller.com, best-wallpaper.net, tvseriesfinale.com, tvgaldotcom and todaytop10.com

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