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Top 10 Style Icons Around The World

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A half of the reason the media loves clicking them and the reason they turn out to be muses of the top designers of the world, is because they are style icons and fashionistas in their own way. Having made a trend setting way for the world, it is no surprise that what they wear becomes the ‘IT’ thing of the season. Let us look at the top 10, shall we-

Jennifer Anniston


She made waves with her first episode of FRIENDS. The ‘Rachel’ hair cut was coveted and became a thing to sport. .Till date, she has not failed to impress the world with her sun kissed hair, amazing skin and style choices.

Jennifer Lawrence 


Arguably the warmest Hollywood celebrity, the ‘other Jennifer’ won an Oscar at the age of 24 with a nomination on her debut at 22 years of age. Jennifer Lawrence, or J-Law, is famous because of her easy going attitude and her love for food. But that is not all to her. She has her own relaxed charm and vibe which she exudes even in her clothes. Never one to follow trends to the T, she is one of the most stylishly dressed icons in the world.

Angelina Jolie 


With her bee stung lips and effortless style, Angelina Jolie is always one of the best dressed celebs. Regardless of the fact that she takes care of so many kids at home or is travelling to some remote place for charity work, her style never looks out of place.

Frida Pinto 


She shot to success thanks to Slumdog Millionaire. She captured the eyes and attention of everyone in Hollywood thanks to her dusky skin and more importantly her casual chic style.

Amal Clooney 


A lawyer, an activist and George Clooney’s wife, she made waves post their engagement thanks to her chic style. Her looks define her work and she is not afraid to step out in ball gowns when it comes to the red carpet.

Amitabh Bachchan


A national icon for practically everything, Amitabh Bachchan has definitely topped the style icons list nearly every year. With his bespoke suits, the deep baritone voice and the unmistakable French beard, it is no wonder he has reached where he is today.

David Beckham


A footballer with a stylish wife, David Beckham has been in the news for his style since his initial days in the team. Never afraid to experiment with his hair (remember the corn rows?), he made news with his off field clothes choices too. Best seen in a well tailored suit, he carries off everything with confidence and panache.

Virat Kohli


The bad boy of the cricket world, Virat Kohli is another sportsman who is not afraid to experiment with his hair and fashion choices. A look that is always edgy and casual, he exudes the effortless charm that attracts us to him.

Kate Middleton 


The Duchess of Cambridge made news for her fashion choices from the days leading upto her wedding day. Her first public appearance post the royal wedding created waves. Rarely seen without the hat and well tailored dresses, her wardrobe creates ripples of envy amongst the women population

Deepika Padukone 


Beating the likes of Katrina Kaif and Kareena Kapoor, this long legged lass has been in the news and for all the right reasons. Her fashion choices on and off the carpet are followed closely and mirrored by women in the country. She looks as amazing in a white bohemian dress as she does in a Gaurav Gupta red carpet ensemble.

It is easy to have a stylist at your beck and call but it is not easy to pull of clothes and trends if you don’t have the confidence. Trends can be followed but style is your own and these celebrities prove that time and again.

Picture courtesy- gallerypick.com, glamradar.com, pinterest.com, trendseve.com, worldmediagallery.com, dailymail.co.in, huffingtonpost.ca, teluguwishesh.com, tirazarte.com and wearona.com

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