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Thoughtfully Crafted Fashion for added Sustainability

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Adline Castelino, LIVA Miss Diva Universe 2020, in a thoughtfully crafted sustainable garment by LIVA


The pandemic has given consumers a lot of perspective. The lockdown emphasised on the consumption of necessities which led to the rise of conscious consumerism. Customers are now more aware of their consumption patterns and the environmental impact of the same. There has been an increased effort towards keeping the beaches clean, planting more trees to counter act the effects of climate change and depletion of ozone layer and much more! Every individual, in her own capacity is trying to make small changes which can lead to a collective impact on the environment. Whether it’s cycling to work, reducing plastic consumption and even being more conscious towards the fashion choices she makes.

However, did you ever wonder – can fashion actually help the environment? It sounds too good to be true, right? Garments made with Livaeco by Birla Cellulose™ and LIVA Reviva help you care for the environment, while being fashionable.


Livaeco by Birla Cellulose™:

Livaeco by Birla Cellulose™ is an eco enhanced fashion ingredient derived from FSC® certified natural renewable resources following globally acceptable principles of Sustainable Forestry Management that ensures green cover and no harm to endangered forest.

Garments made with Livaeco by Birla Cellulose™ ensure that you care for the environment in the following ways:

Reduced water consumption:

Every garment made using Livaeco by Birla Cellulose™ saves almost 900 litres of water. This sum is equivalent to the daily potable water need of about 200 people!

Lesser green-house emissions

Garments made with Livaeco by Birla Cellulose™ emit much lesser green-house gases as opposed to other materials. This reduced number is equivalent to planting 6 trees*.


Livaeco by Birla Cellulose™ fabrics are fully biodegradable. They are derived from nature and go back to nature, thereby reducing marine and land pollution.


LIVA Reviva:

LIVA Reviva is a nature-based fashion ingredient based on the principle of Circular textile.

Pre-consumer textile waste is one of its raw material of LIVA Reviva, reducing the impact of textile wastes on landfills.

Helping to curb land pollution, garments made with LIVA Reviva fabric consume lesser water, emit less greenhouse gases and are biodegradable.

Garments made with Livaeco by Birla Cellulose™ and Liva Reviva are not just fashionable; they are thoughtfully fashionable. The positive impact on the environment coupled with the high fashion quotient of this fabric, makes it the ideal future of fashion.


It’s time to be #ThoughtfullyFashionable. Enter the New Year by taking the pledge to be more thoughtful about one’s fashion choices here


(*6 trees per ton of Livaeco by Birla Cellulose™ fibre)

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