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This Is What Shopping Feels Like During The New Year Sale Season

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What’s another upside to New Year celebrations?

It’s the much-anticipated New Year sale!

The festive week witnesses scores of brands and stores kick starting their year-end sales. As you gear up to get your hands on the latest fashion trends, you’re sure to bear witness to the frenzy.

Here’s a list of the crazy things that you’ll be in for during the shopping bonanza.

1. Making A Beeline


As you head to your favourite store, you stop in your tracks. The line outside is so long! But that’s not the end. Once inside, you realise that the trial rooms have a beeline too! Yet we admit that our love for shopping surpasses any hate for the humongous queues. Trendy clothes like this adorable dress simply drive us to keep splurging!

2. Playing Dog And The Bone


Waiting in line, you spot a mannequin in the latest clothing trend. But then comes the sad part once you’re inside. Someone else has grabbed the last piece in that!

3. Clothes Look Different At Home


Once you’re home, you try on the dress you loved in the store. But somehow, you don’t like the look of it anymore. How many times have we changed our minds? A show of hands for all who have!

4. Full Price Then, Half Price Now!

LIVA-New-Year-Sale-Fashion-Full Price-Then-Half-Price-Now

You probably relate to the disappointment when something you purchased a week ago is available at a discounted rate soon after. Oh, the tears you want to shed!

5. The Mountain That’s Hard To Break Through


All the items are piled up or thrown across the hangers; it’s a common sight at any sale. Even if you do like something, it would take you hours to find it in your size. A sale transforms into a fashion war that inevitably leaves behind many broken hearts!

Getting through a sale could often leave you exhausted or disappointed. But you can avoid this by skipping the brouhaha and shopping online. LIVA has the newest trends in fashion that will help you stay ahead of the competition, think – fresh styles! What’s even better, you get to choose from a varied range of tops, pants, festive clothing, and more, all crafted from organic fabrics. Getting the latest trends delivered to your doorstep couldn’t get easier!

Image Courtesy: 123rf.com

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