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These 6 Changes Will Help Make 2018 A Greener Place

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New Year is soon approaching and so is the time to make new resolutions.

From losing weight, to learning a new hobby, to working towards a career, the list of resolutions are inexhaustible.

But why not add to this list and make 2018 better by resolving to do your bit for the environment?

Here are six ways to salvage Mother Earth and create a greener tomorrow for yourself and others.

1. Go Plastic-free


Shun plastics for biodegradable options! You can always replace them with healthier and eco-friendly alternatives. Use paper and cloth bags for shopping, or glass and bone china instead of plastic kitchenware. When it comes to gardening, use earthen pots for your dainty plants.

2. Walk, Cycle And Carpool


Put your best foot forward and cut the carbon emissions by walking or using your bike. Walk to the grocery store, cycle to the office or simply carpool. These are fun and healthier alternatives for both you and the environment. Think – you’ll even make some new friends while carpooling!

3. Compost! Compost! Compost!


Transform your kitchen into a pro-environment unit. Most of your kitchen’s wet waste can be transformed into compost. Use overripe vegetables and fruits, peels, and leftover food to nourish your backyard garden soil or simply donate them to local farms.

4. Buy Energy Efficient Products


Save on your electricity bill and in turn save the environment. Energy efficient lighting, appliances and gadgets all contribute towards making the world an eco-friendly place!

5. Plant Trees


Every tree counts. Especially when one and a half acres of forest cover is cut down every second! Plant trees around your home, near your office space or just on any free land that you find. The greener, the better!

6. Support Greener Brands


Brands these days are coming out with environment-friendly alternatives. Everything from fashion to household products are made with a conscious effort to build a greener future. There’s certainly a shift towards organic materials like cellulose fibre to reduce the impact on the environment.

LIVA is one such brand that makes environment-friendly clothing using cellulose fibre. Fluid fashion, organic fabrics and trendy clothes form the cornerstone of the brand. Choose from its  stylish collection and make 2018 a fashion forward and greener place!

Image Courtesy: scrubsandlabcoats.com, idahopower.com, stackpathdns.com, imdserve.com

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