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The ‘Sheer’ It Trend

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With summers going on in full swing, it becomes a nuisance to wear those full sleeved shirts to work. You dream of lose fabrics that don’t stick to you while getting ready and dreading the time when you have to step out in the blazing sun. But it is as if the designers heard your woes and heeded your prayers for, thanks to them, sheer is in!

Yup, that flowy translucent fabric is as acceptable in office as it is for the evening parties. But how does one wear it and carry it off during the day? We give you seven of the simplest ways to rock this trend-

Pants and Sheer 


Always remember that whilst wearing sheer you should always wear an opaque bottom or top to balance out the transparency. Pair a sheet shirt with pants for office. You can offset the ‘sheerness’ either by wearing an opaque inner or just simply draping a jacket over the shirt. The inner can either be of the same colour as the shirt you can experiment a bit an opt for a bright colour underneath. Wear lace up Oxfords to complete the look.

Floral Sheer


Sometimes one is not comfortable with an entire sheer top but is dying to wear something lose and which flows with every movement. Look for tops which are sheer but have heavy floral prints on them. The floral prints distract the observer from noticing the transparency of the shirt and you can get away with it at work too! If the print is more on the subtle side in colour then wear it with pastel coloured pants or knee length skirt.



Much like the printed version, embellishments take the eyes away from noticing the transparency too much and they add a bit of jazz to your outfit; wearing a sheer skirt or sheer pants with embellishment works for a lunch date when paired with an opaque top. You can wear tan coloured block heels with such an outfit.

Sheer with crop tops


Not always do you want to wear just your favourite crop top. Add a new look by wearing a sheer shirt or a collared sheer top with the crop top underneath. High waisted skirts or draped pants look perfect with this look and it hides the unflattering bulges as well.

Going Monochrome


Though monochrome is in, wearing the same colour top to toe can look a tad boring. A sheer top or a sheer bottom in the same colour makes all the difference. A little skin show and the change in fabric livens up the outfit and looks different. You can opt for colour blocked heels with this outfit.

Jeans and Sheer


Boyfriend jeans, especially the ripped versions, look super chic. You can attach sheer panels at the ripped spots to add a grunge effect or if the jeans are tight you can wear sheer stockings underneath for a completely different look. Wear the jeans with a belt and a tucked in shirt and a pair of pumps and be ready to rock the day.

Sheer and asymmetry


Wear a sheer slip or a sheer skirt underneath an asymmetrical skirt or dress. Make sure the bottom fits perfectly so as to avoid any unflattering bulges of the sheer fabric underneath. Go ahead and play with the length of the sheer fabric underneath and wear it according to the occasion.

If you are not too comfortable with an all sheer top then look for the ones which have sheer only at the neck and shoulders. These look perfect for work and for summers without exposing too much.


Always wear subtle coloured barrettes underneath a sheer top because too much colour contrast will call for unwanted attention. Make sure the sheer clothing is lose and flows well as tight clothing will create bulges which will be visible. With these pointers in mind, go ahead and wear your favourite skirt with that newly acquired sheer top and go cray with your look.

Picture courtesy- cdn.co and tinypic.com

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