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The Return Of The Silk Scarf

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Do you know what the best part about silk scarves is? The way colours just brighten up on them – eye popping blues, turquoise greens, fuschia pinks, burnt oranges (which will be hugely popular this season) – we can go on and on about just how breathtakingly mesmerizing every single hue looks on silk scarves. Their versatility begins with the numerous textures, patterns and prints they’re available in, and ends with the 101 ways in which you can wear them.


Wearing a scarf can instantly brighten up your dull outfits, and this year, various designers and stylists have unanimously elected the silk scarf as a must have accessory for Spring/Summer 2015. Usually, the biggest question in the minds of numerous women is just one when it comes to scarves – how does one even begin to wear a scarf? The answer to this ranges from – fairly simple to overly complicated. It all depends on the kind of style you want to opt for, along with the time you have on your hands to spend on tying your scarf. You can easily wrap your scarf around your neck and tie a knot on the side, or if its length allows it, you can wind it 2 times around your neck and then just let it flow in the wind.  For most people, the simpler the style is, the better it looks. But a lot of people opt for complicated designs because it suits their personalities better and adds a Wow factor to their appearances.



A silk scarf is a style staple; you might have seen a LOT of yesteryear Hollywood actress’s rock it on the red carpet, but sadly, this trend never caught on with the masses. The most probable reason behind it might have been the association of a “prim and proper” reputation that went alongside a silk scarf, which kind of suited mature ladies more than young girls.

You can use accessories to accentuate your look along with your scarf. A trench coat with a scarf and clutch bag would be an elegant night time look, while a scarf tied on a big floppy hat when worn with a feminine dress would give a very funky-boho feel. You can take that hat off and wear the scarf on your wrist (instead of chunky bracelets or bangles) for a change to make a statement – bold yet girl!

You can use your pretty little scarf to tie your pony, or wear it has a hairband. You can get creative with the hairband and either tie a knot on the side of your head or below the nape of your neck with.




Just scour through Instagram to see how many female (and even male) celebrities are endorsing the silk scarf; it’s a springtime trend that’s creating waves all over the globe. Do you know what legendary actress Audrey Hepburn said about these beautiful accessories? “When I wear a silk scarf I never feel so definitely like a woman, a beautiful woman.” The possibilities are endless, so really, what’s stopping you from indulging yourself with a gorgeous scarf?


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