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The Big Fat Indian Wedding – 5 Thoughts Every Bride-To-Be Has

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The Wedding day is coming!

There are always some mixed emotions whenever one talks about their wedding. Especially if it’s the bride-to-be!

While everything around you is changing in a super quick manner, you have to hold yourself together and think about the changes one-by-one. Here are a few things that you would have definitely thought about if you’re about to be hitched:

1. Weight


Counting calories after every bite! Fitting in the wedding dress should be effortless and that’s where the true challenge lies. There’s always the pressure to look your best in the wedding and that’s enough to binge eat a tub of ice-cream.

2. Shopping


The most important part of any wedding, probably right after the selection of the groom is picking all the outfits. From choosing a salwar suit for the wedding, to picking Indian dresses for your bridesmaid, it’s a series of tough choices to make.

3. Make-up


Makeover wagons are a go! Whether the bride likes it or not, an all-inclusive make-up is a must. As a bride, it is your sole duty to just look your best, even if that means countless trials in the makeup artist’s chair.

4. The New Family


When the D-day finally comes, you are going to encounter a whole new sphere of people, otherwise known as the in-laws. The excitement and the nervousness might make you cringe, but the happiness makes it all worth it.

5. The Attention


The bridezilla effect! Everyone looking at you with those eyes makes you more aware of the fact that you’re finally getting married. You’re certainly the center of attention and it dawns on you that you should act and look your best in any possible way.

It can get pretty overwhelming with all these thoughts running around your mind. But, remember that as the bride, this is your time to shine.

You can also keep yourself comfortable during the pre-wedding frenzy by choosing clothes made from the beautifully fluid fabric, LIVA. A top for that trip to the jewelry store or a sleek kurta to wear when you’re surveying the venue, can make all the difference!

Image Courtesy: shentherapies.com, q8copy.com, india.com, tbgbridalstore.com

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