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That Fluid Feel: Bringing Back Saris In Vogue All Over Again

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If we time travel to just a decade behind and ask females their opinions on the traditional six yards saris and we would get replies like ‘Saris are so old-fashioned.’ Or ‘Saris are for aunties’ etc. etc. But you ask this question today and we shall hear the other extreme of replies. Why? Because saris are in vogue today! They are one of the most experimented and appreciated stylish apparels, not only in India but all around the world.

Remember how the traditional Indian six yards revived to a chic and elegant style statement? We ought to thank the gorgeous Bollywood diva and Miss Universe Sushmita Sen. The way she looked stunning as Professor Miss Chandani in ‘Main Hoon Na’, changed our entire perspective of saris being ‘old-fashioned’. She revamped saris to become a sizzling style statement, elevating from just being graceful to also being sexy!



Another reason why Sushmita Sen’s saris appealed the fashion-lovers much more than the traditional Indian ones was majorly because of the look and feel of these new saris as compared to the traditional ones. The vibrant colours and smooth flowy material soothed our eyes and made the sari even look far more comfortable. The traditional Indian saris had a more rigid and congesting feel. Their boxy fit was one of the major factors that coaxed females to stay away from the six yards. However, when saris were revived with this smooth, flowy, light and fluid feel, added with stunning colours and a sexy look and feel, they had to jump up the fashion ladder to become one of the most appreciated and desired apparel.

Today, while the designers are experimenting more and more with this attire and are improvising its look with great variations in embroideries, sequins, the different types of voguish blouses to match up the elegance and attractiveness of a sari, these six yards indeed seem to grab a position which will keep them atop all the fashion waves.


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