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Switching To Work-From-Home? Here’s How To Make A Fluid Transition

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Transitioning from a full-time job or to newer opportunities can be tricky. But with digitalization, we now have flexible options such as work-from-home, part-time and freelancing.

Before you have a word with your boss, you need to make sure that the reason for your switch is rational. You also need to think hard about the compensation, how it might impact your team and their schedule. Many a times, employers find such transitions tough, especially when the work is part of a team-based role.

Here are a few tips to help you make the transition in a fluid fashion:

Talk It Out

Be ready with a detailed explanation regarding the transition for your employer. Today, many organizations offer flexi-timing and work-from-home options that might be better suited. Providing a detailed plan to tackle hurdles will assure your employer that you will continue with the great work. It is also recommended to get your compensation details clarified at this point.

Define Your Timings

Schedule your day carefully, and get strict with your own deadlines. Bringing fluidity in your work arrangement does not mean you can slack off. If your plan is to get to your desk at 9:30 am, stick to it. There is no excuse for delaying unless in case of an emergency.

Reduce Your Expenses

The first thing to take a hit with these flexi-time arrangements is your income. Whether you’re a freelancer or a part-timer, working from home can cut your travel costs but other expenses need to be trimmed. Keep your outings and indulgent spending to the minimum. Your outflow at this point of time should only be for the essentials. Although freelancing can be lucrative, get ready to penny pinch in the initial stages.

Find A Client

If you have a formal work-from-home contract with your employer, then you have no cause to worry about the ‘finding the client’ part. However, freelancers and part-timers will need a solid client base before going in headfirst. This will guarantee a steady income and also make your business look legitimate for potential clients. The initial days of the search are the toughest, be ready to hustle your way to succeed.

Make Your Space Work-ready

While working from home increases productivity, it is not without distraction. Getting started on the work is the toughest challenge of a flexible working arrangement. One way to tackle procrastination is having a dedicated workspace minus all distractions. Get your tools ready: a laptop, high bandwidth internet and notepads will get you in work mode. More importantly, get ready as you would if you had to go to an office.

Be Dedicated And Accountable

As with every other job, you are bound to face challenges. To make a success of this transition, you need to persevere and drive yourself hard to achieve your goals. Be accountable for your time and money spent, keep reviewing your progress during the day. Developing perseverance and copious amounts of patience will get you on the road to success. Remember, flexi-timing require just as much hard work as a 9-to-5 job, and sometimes even more. Be prepared to put in the extra work.

Make A Detailed Plan

Plan the number of hours you are willing to put in each day. Clients don’t come easy, make a list of how you are going to approach a client. Do you have a deck ready for it? Be crystal clear about the remuneration you are going be asking for. Most importantly, plan how the clients are going to find you. Is it through your portfolio blog or your social network page? Sign up on social sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and freelance sites like Upwork to get a head start. Let people know you are available to take on projects. This independence allows you to take projects that you fancy.

Good Luck!

Picture courtesy – techstory.in

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