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Short Girl Problems? Fear Not, We Have The Perfect Fashion Styles For You

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Often labelled ‘cute’, short girls face the biggest problem ever, Clothes!

From suffering the indignity of shopping in the kids’ section, to not finding the right silhouette, it can get pretty rough.

But, fret not! There are numerous ways to pull off an outfit that suits your height or even makes you look taller. Let’s take a look at a few of them:

1. Add A Belt To Your Outfit


The addition of a belt to your fashion dress will accentuate your waistline and highlight your curves. It will also separate the two parts of your body and provide the illusion of longer legs.

2. Stay Away From Ankle Length Anything


Fashion styles that end at the ankles, be it jeans or a pair of boots, makes your legs look shorter than they actually are. Opt for full-length silhouettes for that ‘legs for days’ illusion.

3. Wear Skirts That Are Short Or Above The Knee


Another easy way to get the ‘long-legs’ look is to wear shorter skirts and dresses. Team them up with some stockings if you aren’t super comfortable showing skin.

4. Wear Well-Fitted Clothes


Baggy clothes might end up giving you a stumpy appearance. If you still want to wear something oversized, offset it with a fitted piece, like tailored trousers or a blazer.

5. Roll Up Your Sleeves


The longer the sleeves, the more clothing baggage you have to handle. Rolling them up will make your arms look slimmer and longer, while you stay in sync with the latest fashion trends.

6. Think Small


Steer clear of larger prints that can overwhelm your figure. Opt instead for beautiful LIVA dresses that come with smaller prints, suited to a petite silhouette.

With these tips, you can hopefully stock your wardrobe with fashion styles that aren’t hampered by your height. While you’re at it, try LIVA – a fluid fabric that makes for a smart silhouette while also offering that dreamy flowing effect.

Image Courtesy: stylishwife.com, pinimg.com, askmamaz.com, fashiongum.com, blogspot.com

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