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Shopping For Trendy Clothes That Also Feel Great? Here’s What To Look For!

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Clothes are an important tool to help a person boost their self-esteem.

And no matter what anyone tells you, good fashion is as much about feeling good in the clothes (and shoes) you wear, as looking good in them.

You see, if you’re not comfortable in your outfit, it will show on your face. And that’s why we decided to put together this list of tips – to help you find yourself outfits that follow the latest fashion trends and are comfortable.

1. Figure Out Your Body Shape



The first step to choosing comfortable and fashionable clothes for you is to know your body shape. You’ll need to find out whether you have a rectangular, apple, pear, or hourglass figure. Stand in front of a mirror and do a thorough examination of yourself to figure it out. Once you know, why not pick out this LIVA top from Vanca that will suit any type?

2. Choose What Makes You Feel Confident

Once you’ve discovered your body shape, the next step is to choose clothes that you feel comfortable in. Try the fashion styles you think make you look good, while still being comfortable. It’s about what you feel confident in, not what other people think, even if it’s simply jeans and a T-shirt. For now, go ahead and pick out this comfortable fluid fashion dress for you from Abof.

3. Consider Different Types Of Fabric


If you figure out why certain outfits make you feel good, you’ll have an idea of the kind of fabrics you’d like. Whether you prefer soft, flowy materials (like the LIVA fabric) or whether you can handle slightly stiffer materials, you’ll know which to choose for yourself, when you next go shopping! In fact you can shop for this  LIVA fashion kurta from Lifestyle right now.

4. Size Matters!


Another aspect to always consider, while looking for comfortable clothes, is size. No matter the material or fashion style you’re going for, size matters. Don’t ever buy clothes for a future (and more in-shape) you! Get clothes that fit your current body size, which means jackets that button all the way and T-shirts you can breathe in! Get these fluid fashion palazzos from Zivame in your size.

5. Find A Color Palette You Like


While choosing outfits – work-wear in particular – it’s always a good idea to choose a subtle color palette that you like. Browns, grays, and blacks are ideal for a corporate look. If you work in a more creative environment, you can choose bolder shades; just make sure that they aren’t so bold that they drive attention away from you! Try out this neutral shaded LIVA fashion top from Shoppers Stop.

6. Shoes! Shoes!… And More Shoes!


Did you know that shoes are usually the first thing that other people notice about you? It is therefore very important to have nice shoes for all occasions. But, make sure that you don’t pick shoes that you cannot walk in. Comfort is an essential factor when it comes to picking shoes as well! Go ahead and get yourself this pretty fluid fashion dress to go with that shoe collection.

Try out different fashion styles and see what works for you… And then stick to it! Unless you like taking risks; in which case go right ahead!

Why not go for the latest trends by LIVA Fashion? You can buy our fluid fashion online here!

Image Source: forwardforty.com, alexisteichmiller.com, fashionbyruda.com, wheretoget.it, fanpop.com

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