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Sarees To Wear In Office

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One of the attire that India is famous for is the Saree.

But besides that, it is one garment that emphasizes the exquisiteness of an Indian woman to the maximum. Saree is also one of the most flexible outfits. There is a type of saree for every event. Different types of sarees are worn on special events. For example, you can wear a saree to your friend’s marriage and you can also wear a saree for a significant business meeting. There will be a lot of dissimilarity between these two types of sarees.


For your business meeting you will wear a saree that has a bit more casual yet classy look and feel. Such sarees are tremendously trendy in India, especially for day to day or office wear. With the rise of original and contemporary designer sarees, even younger women are wearing saree in their daily life.

Raw Silk Saree


Normally, comfy and light-weight fabrics like cotton, chiffon, crepe and georgette are the favoured fabrics in an office sarees’ collection. Though silk is generally considered an expensive fabric, certain silk variations are thought suitable for office wear as well. For instance, raw silk has a grainier look and feel and is inexpensive too, while cotton silk is both comfy and chic. Synthetic varieties of silk, crepe, chiffon and georgette are also extensively used to make sarees. The trendiest sarees are often made of revived ethnic materials like khadi, cotton jute and silk jute blends.

Georgette Saree


We often think that office wear saree collection has to be quite simple or uninteresting, but in fact, office wear sarees come in endless varieties of colours, motifs and designs to suit distinct tastes. They may be printed, embellished or woven, or even simple, with borders or without, neon coloured or black and white. Then again, office wear sari can be, traditional or modern. It can be easily used to create a trendy, imaginative look or an elegant, sophisticated look.

Madhubani Saree


Perhaps the most common type of office wear sari is the printed saree. Printed casual sarees are normally made of comparatively thin materials like cotton or georgette that are porous and show up the prints well. The prints can be distinctive Indian styles depicting fruits, flowers, birds, trees and mythological figures or warli prints. They can also be trendy, showing abstract shapes, simple lines and waves or polka dots. Many of the latest office wear saree designs are of Batik, Madhubani and Warli. The hand printed ones tend to look more genuine and vibrant than machine printed fabrics, but women prefer the latter for office wear as they are affordable, but also more durable.

Batik Saree


Office wear saree is essentially subdued and less showy; therefore you can accessorize it well to make the whole look unique. The opportunity for experimentation is huge, but at the same time, there are certain tips which are useful when selecting the right accessories and sari blouses. For one thing, it is best to avoid low cut saree blouses like halter necks or spaghetti straps to wear to office. With office wear sarees, both western and Indian jewelry can be worn, depending on the saree. Be careful about the footwear while wearing a saree or else the entire look will be a disaster.

Picture courtesy- shopify.com, pinimg.com, amazon.com and exoticindia.com

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