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Quick Fixes For A Party Hit

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Sexy new backless dress. Check. Raging new pumps. Check. Trendy make-up. Check. Just as you convince yourself that you’re all set to rock the impromptu office party your colleagues decided to have, problems will start staring in your face. The extra kilos you put on recently will threaten to ruin your figure hugging dress. Or the plastic strap of your backless bra will give away at the nth minute. These are situations that you are better off being prepared for because they strike without so much as a warning. Here are some products that will help you put your desired look together even if you realised that you have a gig to attend, with just 10 minutes left to get ready.

Shapewear: Trust us when we say that shapewear is every fashion loving girl’s true BFF. Invest in shapewear of different types and you will be able to slip into any dream dress in a jiffy. High waist shaping briefs will keep the derriere looking firm and shapely. Waist clinchers, as the name suggests, will keep the lower part of your belly neatly tucked in. Body suits will squeeze the extra flab in, giving your body a shapely look. The icing on the cake is that body suits can easily reduce your dress size by one number. Worth stocking up on, right?


Heel Stoppers: You’re super excited to show off your brand new leopard print stilettos to the world, but you’re in for a deep shock when you discover that the dance area is in the open lawn. Shaking a leg there means risking your lovely shoes bearing the wrath of the soil as they envelope the heels with every step you take. Solution: Heel Stoppers. Punch them into the heel and voila, you’ll be able to walk, dance and run on grass for as long as you like and retain the newness of your shoe as well.



Adhesive Bra Cups: This is exactly the miracle your backless dress has been waiting for. Remove the protective peel of the adhesive cups, stick them on and you can confidently rock that ultimate deep back and front dress that you’ve been dying to rock the coolest club in town with. Available in black, beige, white and skin colored gel cups, the stick on bra will enable you to experiment with your wardrobe at a different level altogether.

1427948946_tmp_shutterstock_192186494__1427949157_115.110.88.165Underarm sweat pads: What’s that, you ask? They’re the magic pads that will make sure that your treasured cotton tops and dresses won’t be the cause of embarrassment as they allow sweat stains to rear their ugly head in public. Slip your hand through the elastic strap and let the pad rest under your underarm. Scout the pack cover for keywords like super absorbent, noiseless and allergy free for extra safety.

Styling Tape: Argh! The frustration of having to deal with juvenile drapes of a fabulous jersey dress that just refuses to remain where they’re supposed to! As impossible as it might seem to tame those wavy drapes, all you need to nail the dress in place is a styling tape. Bid goodbye to potential wardrobe malfunctions and keep the separates from slipping apart from each other, with pieces of this tape.


If you’ve been avoiding last minute parties because you weren’t prepared enough, stock up on these essentials and you might just be declared as the hippest party goer among your friends.

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