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New Fashion Styles For Comfortable Flying

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Travelling to exotic destinations may seem like the perfect way to spend your holiday. However, between you and said exotic location lies a long journey, a majority of which would most likely be spent on a plane. Cramped seats, hours of waiting, long treks between terminals – plane rides are enough to put the most cheerful travelers in a grumpy mood. Dressing for comfort can make the journey more bearable. And no, this does mean swapping your trendy clothes for sloppy sweatpants. Read on to find out how to comfortably flaunt your fashion clothes on those long flights.


Opt For Fluid Fashion

While you may be tempted to throw on a velvet dress, 2016’s latest fashion trend, remember that spending long hours in a plane would feel more uncomfortable if you’re dressed in suffocating fabrics. Your best bet is to choose breathable fabrics made of plant-based cellulose fibers. They absorb moisture and keep your skin feeling cool, as opposed to synthetic fabrics that will make you sweat more. Those comfortable cotton shirts and chic liva dresses are certain to keep you feeling relaxed while you look like a trendsetter on your flight.

Choose Loose Silhouettes

Why wear palazzo pants? You may feel cool dressing up in the Jaqueline Fernandez style for the airport, but wearing form-fitting clothes can restrict blood circulation during flights, leading to deep vein thrombosis, a potentially life-threatening condition. Make your plane ride more comfortable by dressing up in flowing silhouettes. Pair your palazzos with one of your loose fashion tops and ace the comfortable travel look. Opting for clothes that have elastic waistbands or drawstrings instead of buttons will also make those bathroom trips easier. Additionally, look for trendy clothes that come with lots of pockets so you don’t have to keep reaching for the overhead compartment.

Shoes Matter

Heels on a long flight (or any sort of flight) are a complete no-no. Flat shoes will be your best friend as you trudge through airports and attempt to make the most of the stingy legroom. Pair your fashion clothes with shoes that are easy to slip off so you can easily curl up for a nap or movie marathon. Sitting still during long flights can cause your feet to swell, so make sure your shoes are not too restrictive. Cute ballet flats are what’s in fashion, and they will perfectly complement your chic flying outfit. Also remember to carry along a pair of socks so your feet don’t get too cold.

Layers Layers Layers!

You will be passing through a variety of temperatures during your journey, from the sweltering heat on the tarmac to stuffy airport lounges and planes with extreme air conditioning. The climate at your destination may also be vastly different from that back home. In such cases, a single bulky jacket is not going to be of much help. Layering your trendy clothes with a scarf and long cardigan will help you effortlessly transition from sporting hot summer fashion trends to autumn winter fashion trends, depending on the temperature. Plus, the more you have on, the less you’ll be paying for excess baggage!

One Bag To Tote It All

Now that you’re all decked up in the latest fashion and ready for that flight, you need to figure out what to carry along. A long plane journey becomes less arduous when you’ve got your favorite book, earphones and anything else that might help you pass time. And there’s no better way to carry your knick-knacks than in a large tote bag. Besides being one of the latest trends in fashion, they are roomy, making it easy to throw in everything you’d need. Pick one with an adjustable strap so you can sling it across comfortably. Apart from complementing your fashion clothes perfectly, it can also double up as a pillow in a pinch!

Apart from keeping your trendy clothes flight friendly, other simple things can make your journey comfortable. Carry along noise cancelling headphones and eye pads that will help you sleep undisturbed. Also remember to stay hydrated and exercise your legs by walking around every few hours. Pack a small container of moisturizer and lip balm to prevent your skin from drying out.

Follow these tips to ensure your holiday begins on a great note.

Picture courtesy – whowhatwear.com

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