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Keep Up with These 2019 Fabric Trends in India

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Whether you like to customize your outfits or buy off the shelf, you cannot deny that selection of the right fabric can make or break your look! Given that styles and designs in the fashion industry evolve with each new season, it can be hard to keep up with the latest fashion trends. So, what is in and what is not, when it comes to fabric trends?

We caught up with two Indian fashion and style bloggers to understand their views on fabric selection. They candidly share the top criteria they consider while fabric shopping, giving us an overview of what to look out for the next time we set our foot into a fabric store.

For Nidhi Arora, plus-size fashion influencer and founder of ChicLifeByte, a fashion and lifestyle blog, the strength of the fabric is key as it determines its durability. She also chooses her fabric based on the occasion. “Festivities and weddings are about a lot of sheen and bling, while everyday fashion is subtle,” she adds.

Choosing the Right Texture

Style Coach and fashion blogger Aiana Jain gives a thumbs-up to lightweight fabrics that have an inherent fluidity —the ones that fall well and lend a nice body shape. According to Aiana, “If the fabric is fluid, it can be worn by all body types and sizes. A stiffer fabric will better suit a leaner body type than somebody who is on the heavier side.”

The touch, feel, and comfort of the fabric has been an important criterion while textile shopping for both these bloggers. “How does it feel against my skin? Will it breathe? These are two main aspects I have always considered while shopping for fabric; it is something that has been very inherent for me,” shares Aiana. Likewise, Nidhi says, “If the fabric is harsh on the skin, I will not purchase it even if it looks really good.”

Emerging Color Trends

Ask them about the emerging color trends in 2019, and Nidhi swiftly expresses, “I love the splash of colors in my wardrobe,” and it sure does reflect her vivacious personality! Nidhi likes to dress according to the season; she prefers “more of yellow, olive, beige, white, pink, and light pastels for summers, and wine, bottle green, and gold for winter.” If you are opting for a neutral outfit, she suggests teaming it with colorful accessories to bring out the vibrancy in the outfit.

The times in fashion have also become very fluid in that sense,” says Aiana, who doesn’t think a specific color or two will rule the Indian fashion industry in 2019. “I see less of color-blocking happening now, more of monochrome and monotone—just one or two colors being styled head to toe.” She also thinks pastels will continue to be strong for a while, reigning over bolder, darker shades.

Experimenting with Textiles

Ask their views on mixing and matching different types of textiles, and both Aiana and Nidhi allude at how creative experimentation always wins. “I am a very big fan of mixing and matching,” Aiana excitedly says, encouraging you to go beyond the mainstream and experiment as you please. “You can totally wear silk with cotton. There are no rules for mixing and matching. I’d say, definitely do it, and have fun doing it!”

Nidhi also loves to experiment with an assortment of patterns, styles, and colors. “I enjoy playing with different combinations of textiles. It brings new and fun dimensions that pops up my funky personality.”

From not shying away to wearing bold prints and patterns to trying new color palettes, 2019 will likely be the year where more and more Indians will turn experimental in their fashion outlook.

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