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It’s A Chick Business

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There are umpteen blogs, websites and how to have dedicated to suits for men.  Women don’t have that luxury contrary to what the world believes. But it is an entire new world of clothing that has not been explored to its fullest yet. From the type to wear what to wear becomes a big task for a woman along with proving herself at the conference table. Power dressing isn’t easy for sure, but becomes a tad more manageable with a few tips and tricks.

Figuring out what the dress code is at the office, during conferences, formal business dinners and casual Fridays is half the battle won. But the other half is just as daunting when it comes to looking at the huge pile of clothes and realizing you have nothing appropriate to wear.


Ethnic- A lot of women prefer ethnic attire to western suits because they are more comfortable with it. Kurtis with leggings look just right for the casual day at the office as does the saree during that dreaded conference with your super boss. Yes sarees look sensuous but believe it or not they look powerful as hell when worn right with the right print and colours. No, you don’t have to wear the round necked blouses with those half sleeves; sleeveless blouses look just fine. Open footwear with heels look chic and you cannot wrong with it.


Suits- Suits should be worn according to the body type. For example a short blazer with pants will not look great on a pear shaped body as will a blazer with shoulder pads and a pencil skirt not look well on an apple shaped one. Pant suits or blazers with skirts look extremely professional and are acceptable at any workplace. Grey pinstripes look subtle yet powerful; to up this look wear a patent black skinny belt and carry a black leather bag. An all black suit is a classic. We women have it good that we can get away with colour, accessories and patterns. A subtle pattern on the suit looks acceptable as long as it is not garish and shimmery. With pleated ankle length pants in the forefront, wear a light pink coloured suit to that effect. Let the blouse underneath be a neutral shade or patterned with light paint brush strokes. Always remember, whilst wearing a suit with skirt, the hemline of the skirt should be till the knees. A short skirt is usually not acceptable at work.




Formals- Not all workplaces encourage daily wear of suits but are professional enough to call for formal wear. Pair a black pinstriped skirt with sleeveless peplum top cinched at the waist with a black skinny belt and wear high heeled black pumps. A monochrome or black and white geometry patterned dress looks equally professional; with this you can wear red pumps (red should not be the party kinds but rather the darker shade bordering towards maroon). Denim trousers or dark jeans paired with a pastel coloured shirt looks great for the semi formal days. If you have to wear a blazer then don’t hesitate to pair black pants or a skirt with a monochrome printed blazer. Riding jackets (i.e. the short blazers with quarter sleeves and upturned cuffs) look trendy yet formal.








So go ahead and explore this totally new side of the clothes store. With weeks and weeks dedicated to fashions shows, women formal wear is finally coming to the fore. Remember Madonna and her cheeky video with the pant suit and a walking stick? Didn’t you once think how powerful she looks though the moves on the screen she did are nothing that you would attempt at your office dinner. Keep your eyes open for street styles and on TV for great tips and you will be fine.

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