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How To Pick The Right Lingerie For Different Outfits

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Sometimes wearing lingerie could seem like a chore and you’d rather not want any of it.

But the truth is – it can do a world of good to your dressing. You’re probably acquainted with the love-hate relationship you share at times when your lingerie feels like second skin, but at other instances it’s something you want to get off your back.

However, it all zeroes down to whether you’re making the correct innerwear choices. Choosing from the right underwear and bra types to go with a range of outfits means you’ll never go wrong.

Find out how.

1. Strapless Garments


Unsightly plastic straps promising a transparent look or even ill-fitting strapless bras that keep slipping down an inch every time you wear a strapless dress. We all know strapless dresses are amongst our worst nightmares and yet our weakness too! But how do you get past the dilemma? The best option is opting for a strapless bra with gripper strips along the edges for a firm, non-slip fit. Alternatively, you could choose a strapless bodysuit if it’s a night of clubbing where you just can’t go without shaking a leg!

2. Tops With Plunging Necklines


All this time, you’ve seen your favorite celebrities sashay in dresses with plunging necklines and wondered how they do it. Now it’s your turn. It’s no rocket science, just a matter of a simple plunge bra. The bra fits seamlessly and both cups join below the bust line without peeking through your outfit. The bra sizes vary and you can make your pick easily.

3. Short Dresses


Because you wouldn’t want to recreate a Marilyn Monroe moment in real life, the right choice of underwear under a skater dress or any short dress is essential. Thongs can get quite uncomfortable if you’re not used to them. We recommend you go with a pair of fuss-free boy shorts. It provides ample coverage and will have you in good stead even if the summer breeze is unusually playful.

4. White Pants


White pants fall under the batch of fashion trends, which most of us prefer stocking at the back of our closet for more reasons than one. But if it’s because you can’t decide on the right underwear, then we have just the right solution for you. At all costs, avoid brightly colored, printed underwear, which will peek through your pants. Instead choose neutral-toned thongs or hipster briefs, which will offer a secure fit and prevent the horror of visible panty lines.

Don’t skip those backless dresses and plunging necklines anymore. These lingerie pieces will be the perfect reason to bring them back from their exile in the closet end and all the more reason to shop for some more silhouettes you thought you’d never wear. Find variety in plenty at LIVA, from unique necklines to short hemlines, because these lingerie pieces have your back!

Image courtesy – shopify.com, missguided.com, bloomingdales.com, nordstrommedia.com

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