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How To Create The Perfect Look For A Job Interview

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Getting a new job may seem like a fresh lease of life.

But there’s a lot of hard work that goes into making it through, the job interview being the most crucial. Now, the last thing you’d want to do is present yourself in a less than perfect manner.

Speaking of presentation, it’s your clothing and grooming that will play an integral part in reflecting your personality. Turn up in a sweatshirt and it’s going to be a definite deal breaker.

But it’s not as difficult as it may sound. Here’s what you can do to make a powerful first impression and exude oodles of personality in the interview round.

1. The Standard Look


As a rule of thumb, any person would tell you how important it is to dress up in formals. For men, a crisp white shirt complemented with a solid-hued tie would be perfect, while formal wear for women includes options like skirts and trousers paired with a plain blouse.  In both cases, distracting patterns are best avoided and colors should be kept to a bare minimum – think sophisticated neutral and cool dark tones. For corporate jobs in sectors like finance, both men and women could consider throwing on a well-tailored blazer for a sharp look.

2. Dress For The Job


While business formals for women and men are the most preferred, it’s important that you do a bit of extra homework to customize the look according to the company. For instance, if it’s the position of a stylist you’re vying for, you’ll stand a better chance if you add a bit of creativity and trendiness to your attire, rather than simply settling for a no make-up and plain look. However, certain companies may prefer a more formal dress code.

3. Classy Footwear


‘A man is judged by the shoes he wears’. This adage is more applicable than ever in a business setting. Women – while high heels look great on an evening out, shorter heels would be best and not draw more attention than you need. Men – leather shoes are preferable over suede ones and brown or black variants are ideal.

4. Minimal Makeup And Accessories


Regardless of the industry, it’s best to go with minimalistic jewelry. The same applies for make-up. The goal should be to look awake, refreshed, and focused. A tinted lip balm and a coat of mascara are all you need to do the job.

5. A Fuss-free Hairstyle


Loose waves, neat buns, or hair pinned to the side are perfect. In fact, most hairstyles work as long as you keep stray strands off your face. Men on the other hand should opt for a neat haircut, which is not overly slathered with wax or gel. A close shave is most preferred but if you can’t seem to part with the beard, ensure you trim the facial fuzz well.

Lastly, just so you don’t forget, avoid going overboard with cologne or perfume. Chances are it may be too overpowering and be more of an annoyance than a pleasant addition to your look. Follow these tips and boost your confidence at your next interview.

Need help picking the right interview attire? A host of understated and chic formal pants for women and other variants of office wear for women from LIVA will solve the dilemma.

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