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Here’s How To Make Eco-friendly Changes To Your Fashion Diary

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Environmental issues have been making headlines since the last decade, but sadly, not for all the right reasons.

While modern civilization is making irreversible damages to the ecosystem, it’s time to make individual contribution to put an end to it. Some of these include taking active part in protecting the environment, but most of it is about making small lifestyle choices.

Let’s start with clothes. Did you know your choice of clothes matters to the environment? Industrial pollutants from textile factories and excessive energy consumption are causing a major amount of stress on the planet. But we can still reverse it.

You can begin by staying away from fashion choices that could be potentially be fatal to Mother Earth. Read on to know more.

1. Don’t Blindly Follow Fashion Trends


You will hear about the latest trends you need to try every season. But, moving over from the sartorial point of view, let’s consider what happens to the environment when you follow the rapidly changing trends. Fast fashion, as they call it, results in rapid wastage and intensive carbon omissions due to overworking machines in factories and excessive energy consumption. Begin the change by buying only what you will continue to wear.

2. Don’t Throw Away Used Clothes


Every time you de-clutter your wardrobe, what do you do to your old clothes? Do you just shove them down the garbage can near your home? A better alternative is donating your old clothes to those in need. Another eco-friendly way to use your clothes is going DIY and using them in craftwork. Participate in recycled fashion; it’s definitely the way ahead. Take a cue from renowned designer Stella McCartney.

3. Don’t Use Unnatural Fabrics


Another way to encourage sustainability and eco-fashion is by using natural fabrics. Natural clothing is good both for your skin, and the environment. Most sustainable fashion brands use organic, 100% natural fabrics. These are free from artificial colorants and do not leave room for production of impurities in the manufacturing process.

4. Don’t Undervalue Local Brands


We understand the love for big names and flashy labels on clothes. While there is nothing wrong with that, you should also try to make contribution to the local weavers and artisans. Shop from organic clothing brands in India to support handloom factories and home-produced fibers. Plus, locally made clothes do not travel across the globe to reach you, saving both energy and your money.

Want to promote eco-friendly clothing? Shop for LIVA kurtas, tops, jumpsuits and dresses that are crafted from cellulose fibre, which is organic, natural and recyclable. To know more about what is cellulose fiber or what is eco-friendly fashion, click here.

Image Courtesy : cdn.com, squarespace.com, upworthy.com

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