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Here’s How To Choose Age Appropriate Fashion Styles For Your Office Party

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Office parties are those fabulous times when you get to show off your dance moves and chill with your colleagues.

However, you’re still in a corporate environment and don’t want to be inappropriately dressed! What’s more; it’s important that you dress your age.

As a general rule of thumb, the older you get, the more classic and sophisticated your look should be. Therefore, understated is nearly always better. Here, we’ve put together this list of ideas on how to dress for an office party, to help you choose the right fashion style. Take a look!

1. In your 20s


When it comes to fashion styles in your 20s, anything goes! It’s the age when you can wear hot pants and tight dresses, and nobody will bat an eyelid. But for an office party, you should be a little more sophisticated.

Try a knee-length flared dress with heels, preferably in a darker shade. Pair it with ankle boots and a clutch and maybe some chunky jewelry, and you are good to go! Try the look with this beautiful shirt dress from The Vanca!

2. In your 30s


By the time you’re in your 30s, you’re more likely to have found a set fashion style. And while you can still rock a plunging V-neck or statement sweater, you’ll probably be experimenting a lot less. Still, no reason not to rock a perfectly awesome party look.

Go for a wrap or pencil dress that falls below the knees, paired with heels. You can also try a fancy saree if you prefer ethnic fashion styles. Why not go for this fluid fashion favorite from Lifestyle?

3. In your 40s


In your 40s you become the ultimate multitasking machine. You’re likely juggling family, career, and social life, leaving you with no time to chase every new fashion trend. Luckily you don’t have to because you already have a nice mix of staples and intrepid pieces. Reflect that in your choice of outfit for the office party.

A regular pencil skirt with a fancy ruffled blouse and some chunky jewelry to give it an edge would be a great choice. A flowing printed saree would work just as well and give you a look of unmatched elegance. Get the look with this stylish blouse from The Vanca!

4. In your 50s


By this time, the latest fashion trends cease to matter, because you know you’re better off with investment pieces that will last years. You’ll likely pick classic pieces over high-profile ones, and that will help you choose your outfit for your office party as well.

A pair of straight cut pants with a feminine blouse and a long jacket, a glamorous shift dress or even a designer saree would work for you. Pair them with heels, light jewelry (or chunky if you’d prefer) and a handbag and you’re set! Take a look at this dress from Lifestyle to get the look!

Image Courtesy: styleoholic.com, asos.com, whowhatwear.com, advanced.style

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