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Here’s How The Campaign #TruePriceOfFashion Is Getting All Of Us To Take A Hard Look At Our Fashion Choices

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Half a decade ago, whenever we came across the words sustainability, environment conscious, or climate preservation, all we could think of were paper bags, banning single-use plastic straws, and buying everything in glass! We thought we had found the cure to save our planet. But of course, that certainly wasn’t the case.

Now while almost everything shows off an ‘E’ in front of it, we tend to forget how one of the major parts of our lives affects our planet as well – our clothes and fashion choices.

Fashion is a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it phenomenon that is constantly changing from trends, styles, designs, with fast fashion taking over the world. Did you know a huge percentage of our clothes end up in landfills every year? This ‘throwaway culture’ not only gives way to fast fashion but also highly impacts our attitude towards what we consume and how we consume. On the other hand, low-priced fast fashion garments are being discarded after being worn an average of eight times! Moreover, compared to the year 2000 we are now retaining clothing for only half as long as we did back then, resulting in a spike in the amount of waste generated by the fashion industry.



Needless to say, all this points to the need of being conscious of our fashion choices. That’s why, LIVA’s latest campaign, #TruePriceOfFashion stands as testimony to this thought. A hope that we begin taking our choices seriously, as we become more and more #ThoughtfullyFashionable.

LIVA is a new-age fashion brand that offers nature-based fabrics that are soft, comfortable, and eco-friendly. They stand for fluidity and due to their nature-based origins and inherent qualities, LIVA provides each garment breathability, comfort, and softness that is flattering on any silhouette!

For a brand that has always believed in being thoughtful, the pandemic, the shifts in the industry and the emerging consumer needs, have only reinforced LIVA’s belief and vision to be ‘Thoughtfully Fashionable’ so that each consumer can live their flow.



In collaboration with LIVA, several Instagram influencers took to their social media platforms to spread the word and urge all of us to take a closer look at not just the price tags on our clothes, but the true price of our fashion choices.


Dr Sejal Jain

“…I’ve come to realise what actually goes into the outfits I so proudly flaunt. Learning about the amount of drinking water that goes into making a simple dress…I realised the #TruePriceOfFashion that our future generations will be paying for what I wear today. I’m making a conscious choice to be more thoughtfully fashionable…”



Shilpi Saha

“…I had no idea how everyday fashion had an impact on our environment. I was blinded by the pretty clothes, the stylish displays and the rapidly changing collections. I couldn’t see the consequences my fashion choices on the environment…”



Sonal Agrawal

“I love clothes and fashion… and all things that come with it!!… But have you ever thought, when you pay money for an outfit, is that really the only price of it?…”



There were several others who decided to start a conversation, nudging us to not only live our flow but do so by being #ThoughtfullyFashionable. You can check them all out here!

It’s high time we make sustainable choices that not only help us look confident and fashionable, but help you #LiveYourFlow by being #ThoughtfullyFashionable.

If you too want to know #TheTruePrice you pay when you buy an outfit, join the challenge by uploading a photo wearing your outfit inside out and together let’s make the switch to sustainable fashion.

For further information and eye-opening facts, check out the thoughtfully fashionable page here.

This article appeared on Vagabomb.com

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