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Fluid Fashion Transitions: The Rise Of Pre-Collections In The Fashion Industry

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The fashion industry is volatile and the trends change in an instant. Traditionally, the fashion calendar is divided into two predominant categories – spring/summer and fall/winter.

Each of these seasons displays their own styles and categorical colors to match the theme.

Then what are pre-fall and other monikers used by fashion industry, you wonder? The gaps between spring/summer and fall/winter are huge. Many fashion buyers today seek variety in between these seasons. Lately, designers too have rebelled and chosen to introduce their collections in between these two seasons.

Technically, spring/summer season falls from January to June, and fall/winter refers to the six months from July to December. From a business standpoint, there is too much time in between these seasons for designers to not introduce new products onto the retail shelf. As the quote goes, customers mustn’t be kept waiting.

Voila, you have a myriad of industry-created fashion seasons catering to the restless fashion devotees. These pre-collections set latest fashion trends and are usually more practical, wearable, and easier to carry off than the more dramatic and extravagant fall and spring collections.

Although ridden with confusion, pre-collections also are a commercially successful model for the fashion industry, earning them around 60% of their revenues! They follow the dictum of see-now-buy-now, which is largely popular even with luxury brands. Pre-collections have led designers to experiment and showcase fashion styles and silhouettes which they would not prefer to display at traditional fashion weeks.

The following are some small popular fashions seasons that range from pre-spring/summer to pre-fall/winter.

Holiday Collection

Pre fall

Michael Kors Collection – Sparkly-on-the-Bottom, Slouchy-on-Top Separates

Directly targeted for the retail holiday crowd, these styles are heavy, warm and for the celebratory mood. The fashion labels exploit the holiday season to push their products; it is one of the largest seasons for mainstream retailers. The fashion trends you get to see include heavily embellished clothing, liberal use of velvet and warm outerwear. Jewel tones and party dresses are other features of the season.

Cruise or Resort Collection

pre fall

Chanel Seoul resort 2016 collection

Power fashion houses like Dior, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel are known to create hot fashion trends in their cruise collections. The silhouettes are less dramatic and more practical, finding a fan in many of the fashion buyers. The wealthy vacationing in Monaco and south of Spain to hide away from the cold winter are the target buyers for these collections. Of course, true to the transitional nature of fashion styles, the collection has trickled to regular fashion buyers too. Creative use of colors and bold prints are highlights of the season.

Pre-fall Collection

pre fall

Balmain Pre-Fall 2016

This season is the easiest to shop for. The ready-to-wear collection includes lighter outerwear and silhouettes that can be worn during the transition to winter. A bomber leather jacket, fluid fashionable silhouettes or other pieces that can be transferred across seasons are the highlights of this collection. Valentino, Chloé, Céline, Saint Laurent are known to set fashion trends with their pre-fall collections.

This season has become one of the fashion industry’s favorites, with many fashion designers taking creative liberties to create latest fashion trends.

Picture courtesy – fashionisers.com & vogue.com

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