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Fashion Trends We Hope Never Come Back

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2016 has been a year of revivals. 70s’ fashion trends have made a huge comeback in international markets, and India is on the road to bring back ancient handlooms.

Last year, we saw a lot of the fashion styles from the 80s’ on the runways as well as the street, like chokers and overalls. Britney Spears’ disastrous denim-on-denim look made a fabulous comeback restoring our faith in the 90s’ fashion trend. While the fashion labels got lucky with one trend, some other horrible fashion trends still haunt us. Here are some of the most dreaded fashion trends we hope never see the light of the day again:


Bell bottoms

A major hit in the disco era, no one would want to be caught dead in this pair of extra flared denims now. With a high waist and long length covering the feet, they make one look short and stout. Let’s just save this fashion trend for the time you want to dress up like Elvis for Halloween.

Tinted Sunglasses


Remember how you saved up in high school to get those blue glasses Justin Timberlake wore? The ultimate cool kid’s fashion style statement, the tinted sunglasses came in bright colors that were usually matched with the outfit. They looked pale with their tiny frames and cheap glass, makes us wonder why everyone was obsessed with them in the first place. Let’s just stick to our wayfarers this season.



Let’s accept it, all every 90s’ kid wanted was the embellished cell phone Hannah Montana owned. Pretty much every item of clothing owned by a teen dazzled. The fake Ed Hardy t-shirts with multi-colored crystals can make anyone question their existence. Body art with crystals was also a popular choice of the 90s. This fashion trend might have been the brightest, but we hope it doesn’t try to make our lives shine again.

Tube Tops

tube top

Even the Spice Girls would agree that tube tops were one of the most ‘wannabe’ trends the generation witnessed. The skimpy tops paired with super low jeans barely covered anything, and were such a rebel outfit. The poor fit of this fashion trend will surely not be welcomed anymore.

Frosted Makeup


No! Just a big no to this one. Possibly every star flaunted a frosty lip with pastel eyes during the era, no matter what their skin tone. Probably the first lipstick owned by a 90s’ kid was a frosty color. The metallic colors of this horrible fashion trend made the face look darker and skin look pale and ghostly. What more reason does one need to never try it again?

Harem Pants


The most recent fashion style in the list, every girl is guilty of owning one after Kareena Kapoor made them huge in Jab We Met. A bad mix of salwars and track pants, they didn’t do anything to uplift your style quotient. Instead, they made the hip look wider and gave the illusion of a shorter height. Let’s just not make crossover fashion clothes anymore?

Picture courtesy – buzznet.com, pinterest.com & bollywoodlife.com

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