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Fashion Newsmakers Through The Ages

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Fashion – born in your bedroom, brought up by your mirror and lived, by you. We seldom wonder what instigated the thought in us of being the ‘best-dressed’. Not many bother, they say. But somewhere inside us we know that they are being mendacious. After all, who does not want to be known as a fashion icon?

With that thought, let us have a look at the timeless fashion news-makers who inspired millions to walk out in style. The fashion trends they gave birth to are remembered, even in this day and age.

Audrey Hepburn


Hepburn was recognized as a film icon and fashion trendsetter. She was active during Hollywood’s Golden Age and made it to the International Best Dressed List hall of fame. She was renowned for classic fashion styles, which she wore with grace: the monochrome stripes, the Roman Holiday midi skirt with strappy sandals, a plaid button-down shirt, the beautiful turtle neck jumpsuit matched with loafers. Audrey was the picture of pared-down elegance, both on and off screen. In fact, her characters’ trendy clothes were often influenced by her fashion sense.

A time when curves ruled, waif-like Hepburn’s left people wondering ‘what’s she wearing?’

Picture courtesy  – nineinthemirror.com and cliqueimg.com

The Beatles


It wasn’t just the world of music that was taken by storm in the 60’s. The ‘Fab Four’ left an ineradicable print on all things fashion. They showcased numerous fashion styles from mop tops to the Pierre Cardin collarless suits. The neon jackets and facial hair, quirky mustache and disheveled hairstyles, they were all the ‘new cool’. The copycats even adopted their Cuban Heeled Boots (a.k.a Beatle Boots). Through the course of their reign, the group’s dark-hued suits gave way to the chic look and then to bright, vibrant colors.

The Beatles not only hit the music chart-busters but created history by setting new trends in fashion.

Picture courtesy  – googleusercontent.com, itu.dk and shopflexi.com



Lesley Lawson, widely known as Twiggy, was an English model, actress and singer. But she was more than just a magazine maven. Twiggy modeled ‘The Chelsea Look’ after working closely with Mary Quant, the designer. Quite often, she displayed her slim frame in trendy clothes, like shift dresses with button plackets or exaggerated collars. She carried off vibrant shades and abstract patterns with ease and made them hot fashion trends. In the 60’s, she ditched the bra for slight camisoles, garters for stockings and panties became rare. Twiggy was at the front of the ‘Less is More’ campaign that made fashion news for over a decade.

The bare, the brief, the daring, Twiggy!

Picture courtesy  – fashiongonerogue.com, mirror.co.uk and fanpop.com

Michael Jackson

Micheal jackson-min

The late King of Pop left an impression in many hearts, both with his music and his trendy clothes. His style was the antithetical of an introverted artist, with hot fashion trends and a larger-than-life persona. The glittering glove, the Thriller jackets, the mirror-finished loafers he wore while gliding across the stage, the list of unique fashion styles is endless. A star with a controversial career, he broke music records but was also known for his fluid fashion sense. What’s perhaps the most riveting is that not once did any of Jackson’s looks feel contrived.

If only there was a King of Fashion, Michael Jackson would reign forever.

Picture courtesy  – luxebutik.com, hdnux.com and purushu.com

Princess Diana

 Princess Diana-min

In 1981, when Diana Spencer became a part of the royal family, the advisers stipulated her clothing. A few years later, a confident Diana cast them off. She made trendy clothes look elegant and demonstrated how to look smart casually. Lady Diana made laid back fashion styles look regal and the traditional look modern. She played with color and shimmer and popularized materials from lace to mantua. Diana carried over-the-top trends with grace, from floral prints and polka dots to voluminous sleeves, the list is endless.

Not all princesses are fashion-savvy, but not all of them are Princess Diana.

Picture courtesy  – fashionlady.in, bessandevies and fashionlady.in

Lady Gaga

 lady gaga-min

Lady Gaga is just as notorious for her fashion trends as she is for her pop hits. Born Stefani Germanotta, she has gone all out, flaunting outfits made from materials like plastic bubbles and the infamous raw meat. Gaga pens a fashion column for V-magazine and has partnered with fashion labels like Giorgio Armani for tour outfits. Known for her ‘creative’ dressing, she has taken the internet by storm, featuring in fashion blogs now and then. The pop star can turn anything into an outfit, whether it is a nice prime rib or a telephone receiver, and still manage to steal hearts.

Picture courtesy  – eonline.com, viralscape.com and pinming.com

Gaga never fails to make you go gaga over her.



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