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Fashion Hacks – Look Stylish Without Spending a Lot

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All around the world, women just want to know one thing – how can we look good without having to spend obscene amounts of money on clothes? Layering looks good, but to wear multiple layers of clothes in the rainy season? It’s not a very feasible idea. So what does one do and should one begin? Well, if you’re going for a wardrobe overhaul, just remember that any time is a good time.

But you don’t have to undergo an entire overhaul if you’re aware of sneaky fashion hacks. These hacks make your life very simple and stop you from making major fashion blunders (which invariably end up in your “donate” pile at the end of the year). Here are a few fashion hacks which will make you look stylish without making you go broke –

Choose Solids


Think about it – which would look more expensive – a dress in all white or black, or a dress with cute motifs on it? The solid colored dress, for sure. Similarly, a crisp white top with black pants will give you a more formal and ‘expensive’ vibe than a shirt with a splash of colors and black pants with prints on it. Prints look dated very quickly. Here’s a visual guide about dresses in solid colors which will help you understand this concept better

If you want prints, then opt for big, uncomplicated ones.


That’s because small and complicated prints like flowers and paisley invariably end up giving a ‘cheap’ look to your dressing. Instead, opt for shirts and t-shirts with simple graphics on them, or strips, polka dots or complementary color schemes on them.

Avoid distressed pieces


They are a fad; they will never be classics, which means sooner or later, they will end up going out of fashion. If you love distressed fabrics, then one pair of distresses jeans is enough. Most distressed pieces of clothes look old and worn out, and are not of very high quality

Avoid embellished clothes


Sequins, studs, embroidery and beading look good only when applied manually. If you’re shown a shirt of INR 300 with embellishments on it, you may be tempted, but avoid buying it. This is because the sequins etc have been applied by machine and the look of embellishments applied by hand and by machine is quite distinct – one can tell from a distance whether the top you’re wearing has been bought from a store of a fashion boutique.



And finally, the most important tip of all – you cannot expect to look like a diva if your hair’s frizzy and your eyes have dark under eye circles beneath them! It’s important to pay attention to your skin and hair. Sure, unruly hair looks good but only if you’re going for a specific look. For most other looks, combed and well maintained hair works best. Keep your eyebrows tidy, get rid of oily deposits on your skin, cover your pimples with concealer and opt for the natural look. It will never go out of fashion.

These details will prove to be a life saver and help you give an edge with your stylish clothes!

Picture courtesy- orocosmetics.info, indulgy.com, machopicture.com, pmchollywoodlife and jcrew.com,

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