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Fashion Faux Pas That Sonam Kapoor Taught Us

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The sophisticated diva of Bollywood, who’s mostly in the good books of fashion police, has also taught us some worthy lessons on disappointing public appearances.Thanks to some of her fashion disasters that you would never want to forget nor forgive!



Wondering if this is a gown or a kaftan? Or could it also be a… house-coat? Sonam Kapoor, normally a fashionista on the money went with this awful dress at a movie promotion. Probably no one corrected her then, but you sure can derive a lesson to be sure what you want your outfit to look like. And if you aren’t please let it remain a home-wear.



The unconquerable, trend setter and fashion queen Sonam Kapoor in neon pink knee-length dupatta with a loose, frumpy and un-ironed patiala and sea blue dupatta makes a dreadful combination. Lesson 2: please take note of the colours before you mix-match your outfits. Else, you might just end up mismatching them!



Sonam Kapoor revisited her oh-no moment, when she looked like a Greek goddess gone crazy. The outfit was perhaps meant for a slenderer figure, as it’s pretty obvious! She probably needs to choose clothes in a saner frame of mind. The underlined lesson here is to wear just that which fits your body-type appropriately.



And now again, the Masakali babe made a shocking appearance in a saree at an event! While we appreciate that neon colours add towards a sexy look, Sonam chose to wear a multi-neon-coloured saree! While her blouse was neon green and saree was mainly neon orange with the pleats in a shade of tan. If that was not enough, the pallu of her saree was a combination of pink and blue and so was the border with a golden bling. This just highlights the need of you, your designer and his tailor all being on the same page before your attire is actually stitched and altered.



There’s absolutely no doubt that fluid outfits make you look sexy and attractive. But you need to understand that should be worn appropriately. Adding laces wherever possible and covering your shoulders with a cape is just not the right way to dress up for any occasion. Here’s a live example of how it could go wrong and how your efforts may end up looking like a bath robe.



Everything about this look seems wrong. From the make up to the colours of the dress and of course, its design. What could a fashionista like Sonam Kapoor be thinking before opting for this one? It does make you wonder if she was thinking at all. The only takeaway this can give you is that you need to choose your outfits post any hangover effects.



This is the latest one at Cannes 2015. It might just confuse one to bea bird or a stack of hay? Though Sonam Kapoor chose the right earrings and the perfect simple hairdo, looking delighted by her appearance, this hideous contraption still thumped an image more of a feathered duster and less of a gown. Experimentation is essential but not to a level that you are gagged to be a fancy dress participant.

We do miss the stylish, graceful, trendy, posh trend-setter, Sonam Kapoor. We know she’s bold with her fashion intelligence; unfortunately sometimes, she’s just tripped overboard!

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