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Eco Fashion- What Is It & 5 Ways You Can Promote It

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Did you know, after oil, the fashion industry is the second largest polluter to the environment?

Fast fashion encourages both brands and buyers to create and buy new designs by changing trends in every few months or weeks. It results in rapid wastage, increased carbon emissions and overworked laborers at the sweatshops.

Eco-friendly fashion, on the other hand, promotes slow and reversible practices that uses natural fabrics and creates minimal waste.

Here are some eco-friendly and sustainable ideas to stay fashion forward without spending a fortune.

1. Declutter Your Wardrobe


Getting rid of excess is your first step towards promoting sustainable clothing. While retail therapy is one of the major stress-busters for many, keeping your shopping habits in check is important. Buy only what you need, love and will continue to wear for a long time.

2. Choose Natural Fabrics


Give priority to the organic clothing brands over the ones that use artificial fabrics to encourage sustainability. Eco friendly fashion reduces the impact on the environment as the fabrics used are recyclable, require less water during production and contain almost no chemicals.

3. Select Your Brand Wisely


Does your favorite clothing brand regularly make it to the headlines for all the wrong reasons? Avoid brands that are known for malpractices in terms of abusing both its natural and human resources. Opt for sustainable fashion brands that are environmentally conscious and produce high-quality garments.

4. Buy Local


When your clothes travel the entire world to reach your wardrobe, it impacts both your pocket and the environment. Instead, shop local from organic clothing brands in India to encourage the growth of dwindling handlooms and help artisans to continue their craft.

5. Recycle And Donate


Instead of throwing away your old clothes, donate them to someone in need. Participate in the practice of recycled fashion by using clothes made from cellulose fiber. These hold the quality to be revived and reused.

Want to contribute to sustainable clothing practices? Look for eco-friendly clothing by LIVA, ranging from dresses, to kurtis, to tops, to even sarees, all at a pocket-friendly price. Read our blogs to know more about what is cellulose fiber, its 100% natural composition and the recycling process.

Image Courtesy: thesmithfamily.com, thestatesman.com, livafluidfashion.com, melrosedrapery.com, squarespace.com

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