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#DoItAllWithLiva: 4 Smart Ways To Make Sustainable Fashion Hella Comfy & Stylish

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When it comes to fashion, women are catching up with new trends faster than ever. But it nowhere means that they’re ready to compromise on comfort or with quality. Just like we stay extremely conscious of what we are eating and putting inside our bodies, we are equally particular about what we are putting on our bodies. As a result, women are ditching fast fashion despite it being cheaper, because of the environmental threat that it imposes. In other words, ‘sustainable fashion’ has become the buzzword that is attracting more people for all the right reasons. Women are now choosing sustainable textiles that are engineered to last longer and provide unparalleled comfort.

And, when we talk about sustainability, fashion, and comfort, we have got to talk about Liva fabrics. The brand is not just redefining responsible fashion, but also creating fabrics of the future by merging innovation with sustainability. These fabrics have been consciously created from natural and renewable resources while paying utmost attention to the wearer’s comfort.

Now, here’s an important question: does choosing sustainability and comfort imply that you need to compromise in other departments like style and price point? Nope, not with Liva! Not only are these Liva separates thoughtfully fashionable but also super affordable. They provide you with ample room to move with ease, live your flow, & stay uber stylish without breaking your bank. To cut it short: right from a full-blown gym sesh to a packed workday, there is LIVA separate for it all!  Here’s how you can switch to sustainable fashion while keeping it equal parts comfortable and chic throughout the day:


Dance With A Flow


Image via Rosalind Chang on Unsplash.com


Dance is a way to express your emotions freely and creatively. So, what’s even the point if you cannot do that without feeling restricted in your movements? Opt for breezy trousers made from Liva fabric that is super breathable and free-flowing. Also, you can buy colourful and pleated trousers that can give your dance attire an indo-western look.


Yoga Sessions


Image via Raphael Nast on Unsplash.com


One of the reasons why we absolutely love Liva is because it offers us outfits that are thoughtfully fashionable. While trousers made of sustainable fabrics by Liva are perfect for our yoga sesh, they are also suitable for casual outing. This indigo bottoms is a classic example of one such trousers that is stretchable, breathable, and will help you flex with fluidity.


Ladies, Trek Smart


Image via Alexandra Mirghes on Unsplash.com


NGL, super breezy and pleated pants made from Liva fabric are a must-have wardrobe staple that every woman should own. Why, you may ask? Because apart from being highly flattering, soft, and lightweight, they are also made of sustainable material. And that ladies, these chic pants are a perfect pick for all the adventure junkies who love to go on trips and treks.


Stay Ready From 9 to 9


Image via Laura Chouette on Unsplash.com


In case you are looking for versatile, eco-conscious alternatives for your work wardrobe, we have the perfect recommendation: Go for office separates made of Liva fabric. Stylish trousers that are both professional and fun are perfect picks for days when you have to switch from desk mode to dinner mode. After all, sustainable fashion is not just about finding outfits made of biodegradable material but also about investing in products that are versatile and durable.

Ladies, it’s 2021 and it’s time we embrace sustainable fashion as that’s the future.

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