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DIY Ideas to Upgrade to An Upcycled Style: Quarantine Diaries

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Here at LIVA, we have always been the flag-bearers to be yourself and truly live your flow in everything you do. But, as we are all stuck at home, battling through uncertain times due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is easy for life to break your flow.

But, all is not lost. We staunchly believe that fashion has a way to transform our mood and help us live our flow to the fullest when done right. Whether it is dressing well or getting your hands soaked into some creative fashion projects, we can find our own little rays of sunshine in these times.


Image via Pexels.com


Complete your chores wearing something comfortable

With the lockdown upon us and social distancing forcing us to spend a considerable amount of time at home, do we let our their sartorial personas take a backseat and slide into pyjamas all week long?, Or, is there a common ground between comfort and style even while doing the laundry? We would certainly like to hope for the latter!

Whether it is doing the dishes, the laundry, or vacuuming the house, our biggest tip is to wear something comfortable. Opt for a flowy maxi dress in a lightweight summer fabric like LIVA, loungewear such as a matching pyjama set, or a pair of clean joggers or bike shorts with a basic tee like Myntra Fashion Superstar winner Sumedha Sharma. Throw on something that keeps you at ease, facilitating your flow, but make sure your work-from-home outfit isn’t so drab that you feel like sinking back into bed.



Ladies, remember, the motto is to “live in” rather than just exist. So, even while you may be juggling mundane household chores with your full-time day job, make sure you are having some fun and making inspiring and innovative notes in your quarantine diaries!


Make time for a closet clean-up


Image via Unsplash


Now that you have ample time on your hands, rummage through your wardrobe and try to find some method to the madness. Look through your closet, and you will surely find many pieces that are too dear to discard but also outdated to wear again. Now is the time to take to upcycling clothes—a creative process of transforming unwanted items into something of value.

Read on, as we share some easy DIY upcycled clothing ideas to reuse old clothes and make them look fashionable.


Tip #1 Snip and Sew

Considering how much we love fashion and hoarding, pretty sure there is a denim skirt that no longer fits us tucked away at the back of our closets. While denim may not be the most comfortable fabric to wear indoors, it is pretty resourceful for this fun DIY project. Turn your denim skirt inside out and sew along the hem and add strips of denim along the waistband. Voila! A denim skirt repurposed into a shopping bag that is not only sturdy but also stylish because denim never goes out of style!

Sumedha quips, “I’m a hoarder, I won’t lie. So, I usually start snipping old clothes and upcycling them as per the new trends so that I don’t end up overfilling my closet.” Now, that is a neat way to stay fashionable without harming the environment.


Image via Pexels.com


How about an item that we refuse to give away because we hope to fit into it again? We are talking about that cotton kurti from your college days. Turn up the music, get your groove on, take a deep breath, and snip the kurta down the middle. Stitch up both sides of the cut edges, and an easy-breezy spring-appropriate shrug is ready to be adorned once the lockdown is lifted.


Tip #2 Dip and Dye

If you are willing to get your hands creatively dirty, then bring out your old t-shirts (solid coloured ones work best!) that have faded over time or those that you may have outgrown. Now, dip the t-shirt gently into a mixture of fabric dye and washing soda to create a beautiful ombre dip-dye pattern. Not only will you have transformed your over-worn t-shirt into something cool but also feel joyous about making a sustainable move. Here is an easy tutorial to guide you through the process.




Myntra Fashion Superstar Deepen Sharma is all for a sustainable and, in turn, an upcycled lifestyle. “When it comes to sustainability at home, one can upcycle old clothes. The idea is to (best) use the item of clothing, not throw away,” he says. Sumedha seconds Deepen’s thoughts: “People can do a lot about sustainability being at home,” she adds. We couldn’t agree more with them that effort begins at home and what better time to start making those efforts than now, in quarantine.

While we are all for a fun day out, we also feel like some alone time could do us more good than harm. So, let’s get the creative juices flowing, spring-clean your closet, and upcycle—whatever you choose to do, make this time at home a fabulous one while you live your flow.

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