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Burning Man 2016 – The Fluid Fashion In Art Installations

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A dream destination for every artist, wannabe or accomplished, and the source of an aesthete’s enchantment, the Burning Man festival is set to take place from August 28 to September 5 in the Black Rock desert of Nevada. A large number of artists come to this city, built on the values of innovation and self-expression of art, to exhibit their creative ideas and work relentlessly towards its completion. These mesmerizing installations are then open to visitors, lending visual delight and creative exposure.

The Burning Man festival has been consistently giving us striking installations made by talented artists from all over world. As we prepare to marvel at these larger-than-life artefacts, here is a glimpse of the much-awaited installations to look forward to at this year’s Burning Man.



Have you ever thought of what it would be like if you suddenly grew 20 feet tall in a bizarre fashion? Clothes shopping is definitely going to be interesting. This large-scale, interactive sculpture of a human head with palms placed at elbow distance lets you live out this strange experience. Made of steel, the head of the sculpture is a dark room designed with 3D glasses and stereoscopic camera that allow visitors to view the outside world through the eyes of a giant.

This giant structure is the artwork of Ryan Elmendorf and Nick Gurts.

The Light is Inside You


Fear is an unavoidable emotion. It is not our limitations that we fear, rather it is the realization that we hold the power to do far more than what we expected. This entrancing piece features a large transparent art piece reading The Light is Inside You. The fluid fashion in which the stark text and open sky merge is a reminder that what matters is our strength, that we fear to stand by, and not darkness. And as a person gets liberated from his own fears, his presence eventually liberates others.

This beaming artefact has been created by an artist from San Francisco named Yelena Filipchuk.

Celestial Mechanica

Get an illuminating view of our solar system with this art installation that showcases the sun and its planets in an in-depth fashion. Spruced-up with thousands of tiny lights, it is a spectacular work of art. The purpose is to bring into perspective the enormity of our universe. Celestial Mechanica allows one to observe the fluid fashion in which the solar elements interact with one another.

This dynamic installation is the creation of artist Jessica Welz from San Francisco.


Quite literally putting a timer on the week’s revelries, this installation showcases a beautifully-crafted hourglass that captures the ethereal atmosphere of this Black Rock city. With tiny particles evaporating  from the bottom, it is bound to capture attention with its continuous motion. The translucent pellets absorb solar energy during the day and circulate in an eerie firefly-like motion at night.

Reflection Of The Time Spent At The Burning Man Festival, Chronosydra is the creation of Kate Greenberg and Dust Crusaders.

Pulse Portal


Welcoming you to the world of creation and innovation, this portal is a giant gateway made of a free-standing futuristic material. A vibrant play of reflections and colors, it stands proud, a self-emerging archway of tessellated acrylic pyramids. The compilation of geometric shapes, new age materials and welcoming color scheme makes this giant installation a preview of the plethora of artistic freedom that awaits one at the Burning Man art festival.

This larger than life art piece has been curated by artist Davis McCarty from Chicago.

Picture courtesy  – artmarketmonitor.com, catharinegacad.com, pinterest.com, indegogo.com and davismccarty.com

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